Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Weddingshe homecoming dresses | Wishlist



We don't have homecoming in the UK sadly, but many schools have now adopted American style proms for after GCSEs and A Levels before you go to University. At my school we had end of year balls at 16 and 18, and while my dresses certainly weren't as glitzy as these, part of me wishes ours were more dressy so I could've worn one of these from Weddingshe! These dresses are all from their homecoming section, with lots of cute, colourful shorter hemmed styles; with plenty of sparkle, of course.

Personally I love these cute on the knee/above styles rather than the full length deal, especially if you're going to a post GCSE prom. And the prices of them seem very reasonable compared to how much I've heard prom style dresses costing. Plus look at the pastel-y, fairy goodness of my picks! Personally my favourite is the second dress, cornflower blue is one of my favourite colours and as this has minimal sparkliness around the waist, can be easily dressed up more with statement earrings or a necklace.

Did you guys have a prom at school, or a more English style formal? What do you think of these dresses? xx

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Amy Liddell said...

Looks like they have some lovely dresses!

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