Friday, 26 December 2014

Cheap Prom Dresses from Ms Dress | Wishlist


A-Line Sweetheart Chiffon Short Beaded Prom Dress £58.79 // A-Line Sweetheart Elastic Woven Satin Mini Beaded Prom dress £66.89

Another post introducing some of the selection from Ms Dress! This time I thought I'd show some of their short collection as well which are maybe more suitable for cocktail parties as without the full length they seem a bit less dressy. Also with the beading these very much fall into the 'prom' category in my mind, the purple one is just too cute with the star embellishments! They have a really wide selection of cheap prom dresses so it's really worth a look if you're looking for something for Prom or even a special occasion or formal event. The white dress above is so simple that you could easily go with a bright heel and a statement necklace without it feeling like too much. The fact it's white too means that it would be perfect for summer when you're more tanned, it could even be dressed down with beaded sandals instead of heels. Personally I wouldn't accessorise the purple dress as the model has above, the bangle and earrings seem too glitzy! I would go for some really simple stud earrings like faux pearls, and maybe a very delicate necklace, as the bodice embellishment is already quite heavy.


Blue side split prom dress £65.49 // Sweetheart chiffon ankle length dress £72.39

These two are definitely on the more formal side - I love the green one on the right! You would definitely need to invest in a good bra contraception for the dress on the left though as it's backless, definitely a show stopper. I would pair the dress on the left with a pair of simple strappy heels and keep the jewellery quite similar to what the model on the website has gone for, quite simple and not too flashy. The dress on the right could be made to look super elegant depending on the occasion, for a more dressier look an updo and some delicate drop earrings would look perfect, for a more casual look boho waves and minimal jewellery would look perfect. As the dress really is full length you can probably go wild with your footwear choice, maybe even wear converse a la Kirsten Stewart so your feet don't hurt at the end of the night!

Which dress is your favourite? xx



Made in Mauve said...

Beautiful dresses!

Made in Mauve

Mlle Coconath said...

Merry Christmas!

Great post!



Georgie said...


Georgie said...

I know right they're so pretty!

Georgie said...

Thank you!

melaniekay said...

Looks like some beautiful dresses!!!
Melanie @

Serene Kurd said...

Happy Holidays Georgie !!! I love the purple dress with the embellishments !!!


Serene xoxo

Georgie said...


Georgie said...

Thank you! Happy holidays to you too :)

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