Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ms Dress UK Prom Dresses - Kate Middleton style | Wishlist

Today I'd like to introduce the website Ms Dress, the're a UK website which sells gorgeous prom dresses. If you have a prom or a special/formal event coming up, it's definitely worth taking a look at some of their stock! I've chosen two of my favourites here which I think would be perfect for any event which requires a full length dress. I think a lot of their dresses would be appropriate for black tie events too due to the glitziness!

Both are rich blue shades which are perfect for winter, plus I chose both with a similar quite classic style, full skirt with beading restricted to the bodice part. Therefore both these dresses are perfect for formal events and parties without being too over the top - you can easily style these up more if you do prefer something more dramatic with your make up, either a glittery eye or a statement lip. Plus, while the dress is full length you by no means need to scrimp on your heels if you choose to wear them, a bold coloured heel to match either of the blues will perfectly compliment the dress.


If you don't like wearing heels you could also wear flats underneath either of these dresses, no one will know and you can end your night without sore feet - heavenly! If it's summer you could also go for a sequinned/jewelled sandal to go underneath your dress.

I would say that both of these dresses would look perfect with a simple clutch. If you wore one of these for a winter a faux fur coat or stole would look gorgeous over the dress, perhaps even in a contrasting colour for a rainbow look - pastel pink over the pale blue dress? Fab! As for jewellery if I wore a necklace I would keep it very simple, like a small chain with a charm or something similar as the bodices of these dresses are already quite sparkly. However you could really go all out with a pair of statement disco-ball esque earrings and an updo. This will glam out the outfit perfectly without over doing the sparkle.

So by all means please check out Ms Dress's prom dresses UK selection! They have something for everyone, whether you prefer the typical American style in candy colours with lots of beading, to the more subtle dresses that while still being just as beautiful have less embellishment - perfect maybe if any of you have university graduation balls coming up. xx

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EmmaM147 said...

What gorgeous dresses! I love the dark blue one!

Emma x


melaniekay said...

Such cute dresses! I love the blues!
Melanie @

Georgie said...

It's gorge isn't it! xx

Georgie said...

Thanks for your comment :) xx

Elizabeth O'Grady said...

I really like the dark blue dress on the right xx

Hidden Freckles Blog

Alice Young said...

Both the dresses are lovely, although they are a bit too posh for me!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

alionablog said...

Loved reading this. Would love it if you could check out my newest fashion post!

Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

sheren-x said...

The first dress is gorgeous! Gosh I remember my prom. It was such a LONG time ago :( X


Georgie said...

I think that's my fav! xx

Georgie said...

I think they're definitely for formal events! xx

Georgie said...

Thanks, sure I'll check out your blog :) xx

Georgie said...

Mine too haha! xx

Serene Kurd said...

Gorgeous dresses, I love the one on the Left!!! I want to go back to Prom days! haha

Serene xoxo

Georgie said...

Haha me too! xx

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