Saturday, 24 June 2017

Chloe Ferry liquid lipstick in passion | Review + swatches

Chloe Ferry lipstick in passion - c/o Chloe Ferry Cosmetics

A few weeks back I was sent one of the liquid lipsticks from Chloe Ferry's (from Geordie Shore) cosmetic line. I was interested to see if it was was actually a good quality product and not just the who celebrity-slaps-name-on-product deal, and it's not bad! The packaging does feel quite cheap, but her logo design is nice and simplistic - the overall product design is nothing to shout about really. In terms of colour, Passion is one of the brick toned pinks that are super popular thanks to the 90s trend, I find these colours quite flattering on me and they're good for everyday wear so this one is pretty wearable.

I paired this with MAC's Spice liner which goes with all shades like this (normally I'd wear it with Velvet Teddy), and it's a pretty good match. The colour is pretty pigmented, and in terms of smell it has a similar scent to the NYX soft matte lip creams (butterscotch-y) but slightly less overpowering. In terms of lasting power, this lipstick is fine but does need touching up after food or drink. If you use lipbalm before application it isn't super drying, but as with all liquid lipsticks I do find it makes my lips feel dry pretty quickly. Putting some vaseline or lip gloss over the top is always an option - giving you a cute glossy version of this colour. Overall I'd give it a 7/10, not bad!

Have you guys tried any of her make up products?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How much does your daily face of make up cost?

I was having a stalk of my own blog the other day and amongst the posts where I was at the height of my Japan obsession (click on my circa 2010/11 posts and revel in the cringe), I did a post where I totalled up the cost of my daily 'face'. Back in 2011 the cost of all my make up that was creating my daily look was £123.04. Of course, if you wanted to be really clever you could estimate how long each product probably lasts for and work out a cost per day for your daily face - but that would take time, effort and maths. And no one wants that.

So 6 years later (click here to see what 18 year old me wore) I thought I'd do an update of what my face is costing me now.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Phillip Kingsley Elaticizer review + Christmas treasure hunt competition!



Sent c/o of Phillip Kingsley

I was very kindly sent Phillip Kingsley's cult product the Elasticizer in conjunction with their Christmas Treasure Hunt competition which runs on their instagram (@philip_kingsley), to find a secret link on their site to be entered into a fantastic prize draw to win a luxury hair and skincare kit with goodies from Philip Kingsley and Sarah Chapman. 

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