Monday, 21 March 2016

Instagram beauty and make up inspiration ♥ | Inspo

Something I've been doing for a while is screen shotting make up inspiration from instagram and saving said screenshots into an inspiration file on my computer. Then when I can't think of what to do with my nails or make up I have a crapload of inspiration at hand! Btw I totally recommend following the accounts I screenshotted, 80% of my instagram feed is MUAs and a lot of them are seriously talented.

Jill and Lovers is a nail salon in Harajuku, while the tartan print isn't that interesting how cool is the raised 'jumper' effect pattern? Obvs I couldn't do that myself but thought it was uber cool. The mani on the right is by the famous Wah Nails, not only could you easily do this at home but it really reminded me of Yayoi Kusama.

Left is my eyelash goals for this christmas, someone pass me the tinsel. Thought this look on the left was such a glam neutral eye that if I had the time I'd probably do it for everyday.

Jeffree Star's make up is always incredible but I loved this look, on my beauty wishlist is some proper glitter glue so I can do glitter looks without lash glue which is always a bit messy. Found this instagrammer depechegurl the other day and these lips really reminded me of china dolls/would be really good for a vampire look for Halloween.


Sugarpill are another good 'un to follow for inspiration. Cruelty-free and also uber colourful, I'm always inspired to crack out my colourful palettes that I don't use as much after looking at their feed. The look on the right is super beautiful too, metallics on the lid always look pretty and this is deffo one of my 'need to do' looks.

Who are your favs for make up inspiration on instagram? xx

Friday, 13 November 2015

Ice queen winter playsuit realness with Luxemme ♡




Playsuit // c/o Luxemme // Leather jacket // Topshop // Beanie // Forever 21 // Boots // Topshop

Hey guys! Its been about ten billion years since I've done an outfit post but here am I today because the lovely guys over at Luxemme sent me this really cute playsuit to review. Normally halterneck styles don't suit me because of my boobs but I actually found this one very flattering, I dressed this for a more casj day look with a beanie but if you wore this with heels and upped the make up (I'm thinking silver glittery eyes for ice queen vibes) this would be fab for a night out as well. The material is pretty light and linen-y so this would be really nice for keeping you cool in summer as well, I definitely can see myself getting a lot of use out it next year with white sandals and a tan (hopefully).

They have loads of cute bits on the website and I believe they are Manchester based so well worth supporting! I definitely recommend checking them out. xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Nivea Men sensitive post shave balm as a primer | Review


Nivea Men sensitive post shave balm

So after seeing one of my fav YouTube beauty gurus Nikkietutorials rave about this for ages I decided to buy it and see what all the fuss is about - and I'm so glad I did! For some reason I never really got into primers, despite having pretty oily skin and always finding my foundation applied patchy in places no matter what brushes I used. This stuff makes your foundation apply far more smoothly (I literally noticed this instantly), and buff properly into what are usually problem areas for me like my nose which foundation will usually refuse to sink into. 

It has a very light typical 'man product' scent which isn't obvious and goes away after make up application, and you get quite a lot of product and need to use very little. Plus, because this is designed for sensitive skin I find it doesn't break me out, and if anything gives me extra moisture. Also you can use it for it's actual purpose of being a post shave balm, especially on areas which are really sensitive to shaving like the bikini line. I got this in Sainsburys on offer for £3 and will definitely be buying again! I'm just worried now Nivea will realise the product's popularity and raise the price...

Have you guys tried this?

Thursday, 22 October 2015

4 prom dresses under £50 ☆

How cute are these prom dresses from These are crazy good value, all coming in under £50 and are perfect if you have any winter formal events coming up.I thought I'd pick some of my favourites to share with you guys. The above left would be super cute with simple black strappy heels and personally I would even toughen it up by throwing a leather jacket over the top if it wasn't too cold for it. I would give the dress on the right a 90s spin by accessorising with a black velvet choker, and you could even wear it with docs if you want to go all out princess-meets-grunge. 

These last two are fairly formal Kate Middleton types, I have to say I’m a sucker for lilac which is why I chose these two! Either could be styled to be uber glam, although because both have beading personally I wouldn’t go overboard with the accessories. I would accessories the one the right with pearl studs and maybe a plain silver bangle because the beading round the neckline is already quite a lot. However with the dress on the left it would look fab with a really delicate necklace and some tiny hoop earrings (currently obsessed). 


While I think all four of these are absolutely perfect for prom, you could also wear these to any formal events like black tie balls, weddings, smart parties or as bridesmaids dresses as they are easily styled to be more or less casual. also have a selection of bridesmaids’ dresses under £50 too so don’t hesitate to check it out!

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