Friday 29 April 2011


Top - ASOS - Belt - ASOS - Necklace - Ebay - Skirt - Motel - Socks - ASOS - Shoes - Ebay
 Went back to school on Wed unfortunately. Howevs did manage to miss a whole hour of a double Ancient History lesson because when we went to our normal classroom all we found was rubble where it had been demolished! By the time we found the right room the fire alarm went off so that was another 20 mins gone. While we were being registered during the drill a girl in my year told me I look like Velma from Scooby Doo haha. I guess this skirt would be excellent if I ever cosplayed her?!

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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Trend Crush ♥ Pastels

Everything from Topshop

Love this trend! Deffo want to dress in ice cream colours this summer.

Sunday 24 April 2011

What I've been up to:

Hanging out in the park with friends
Enjoying easter deliciousness (but I hate simnel cake, marzipan is disgusting)
Revising but getting distracted every two seconds by the rainbow streaks my wall mirror causes

Playing croquet (enjoy the badly edited out foot)
Enjoying spring err being sprung
Continuing my quest to make EVERYTHING I OWN HELLO KITTY
Eating too much chocolate...i.e this white chocolate raspberry pavlova egg SO GOOD

Jesus its nearly been two weeks since I posted! I go back to school on Wednesday and then have a four day weekend thanks to the royal wedding, which I will be watching on tv and playing the royal wedding drinking game with my brother XD

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Red red wine

This is what I wore to go out for a belated birthday meal with my fam when I got back from France:
Top - New Look - Skirt - Motel - Necklace - UO - Boots - Zara - Hairband - Topshop
Eyeshadow Rimmel in Smoky Quartz Eyeliner No7 Amazing Eyes in Brown Mascara L'Oreal Million Lashes Lips Max Factor Lipfinity Pen Face 17 Face powder

When I got back home in Sunday I found this in my room:
And my birthday pressies on my bed!
My parents got me a new camera which I completely wasn't expecting! So now blog pictures should be a lot better and no more having to buy expensive AA batteries to power my current camera - hooray! Also my brothers got me the first two white stripes albums (so now I have all of their albums) which are amazing, I love 'Hello Operator' off De Stijl. I also received a Lady Gaga music book so Imma try to reawaken my grade 2 piano skillz.
I also ordered this Topshop stripey dress while I was in France, not quite sure how to wear it yet, I'm thinking brown brogues?
These are some recent buys from ages ago, I completely buggered the false eyelashes when I tried to wear them out, sometimes I just can't get them to go on properly TT
And some deco materials I bought, love the little kawaii roses.

Saturday 9 April 2011

Up in the alps

Hola mi amigos this post is coming to you from a small Apline village! I'm babysitting for my little cousin and her friend while my aunt and uncle ski for a week. I'm basically picking them up from their childrens ski chool and then walking them back to the chalet everyday. The French people working there must think I am a teenage mum walking around the village with them! It has been about ten times more stressful than normal babysitting, and I am beginning to see the benefits of toddler reins as they will quite happily run into the road if you don't herd them properly.
Yummy cakes for tea by the Chalet people
 Howevs it been a good experience in that I've had to be a lot more independent. I took the local bus once and didn't know where my stop was so asked the bus driver (in french) if he spoke english and he pretended he didn't understand me and after I repeated myself he looked at me like I suggested he was into bondage or something and went 'NON' and then I had to in my shite French explain that I thought my stop was near a supermarket and he rambled a load of stuff in French and told me to get off the bus so I was lost in the rain for about 30 mins...but I did navigate a supermarket with the two toddlers and the cashier understood my French there so I reckon its just the bastarding bus driver!
The rapidly melting snow.
Its weirdly sunny here, my fam have to go to the next resort to ski because of the lack of snow, its probably actually hotter than england! The village is really pretty and how you'd imagine a skiing village with everything made of wood, and for some reason lots of Christmas decorations are still up. It is also full of these really grotesque looking statues carved from wood, I particularly like this one of some a pig/pigs outside a restaurant.

It was my Birthday on Thursday so I'm now 18, yay! Going back home 2mro so back to more regular posting then.


P.S I'll try replying to comments on the last post now, internet in the chalet is very tempermental though!
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