Wednesday 30 September 2009

Queen of hearts

Bonjourno!! Sorry again for the late post, I've been getting settled into Sixth Form (penultimate year before university) routine, which as far as I can tell so far is making use of the toasters and hot chocolate machines we have in the common room. I'm still getting used the the novelty of being able to wear what I want to school, especially with things like jewellery and nail polish which I was so used to being told to take off! The privlege of wearing your own clothes after five years in uniform is also made sweeter for me by the fact my school has revamped the uniform for the lower years this term, and not in a good way! The only downside to the dress code for 6th form is we are banned from wearing shorts. This I don't understand at all, we can wear as short skirts and dresses as we like (within reason), but wearing decent length shorts and tights isn't allowed?
This weeks nail polish colour..a matt fuschia colour by Maybelline. Yes, I am changing my nail colour each week, does that make me sad?!
Even though I have a topshop about 15 mins from my school I still order stuff from the online store, because it so much fun getting packages! So I bought these heart print tights, and debating whether to wear them or not to school tommorow, how brave am I feeling?!

I also bought this cherry red cardigan from New Look which I can't believe how soft and thick it is! I was expecting not great quality from N.L but it is so cosy. This was my outfit for school today, which I originally wore with clear tights. I don't think the black tights go brilliantly with the rest of the outfit, but I was forced to put some on after first of all my Mum told me the stripey Topshop tunic was far too short (naturally I ignored her and wore it anyway), secondly my 14 year old brother (who the boots last post were courtesy of) said: 'Ewww! Can you pull your dress down please??' and thirdly when I arrived at school my friend exclaimed 'Good god how short is your dress?!' and made me bend over to prove her tights on it was!!
I'm becoming slightly concerned that I'm becoming a little addicted to shopping online so I'm desperately trying to make some more money to fund my addiction (I have excellent reasoning)! So if anyone is interested in buying the Sims 2 and some expansion packs (an addiction I kicked) please click the link to my ebay in the right hand bar. I'm also desperately needing the last three or so volumes of my favourite manga, Hot Gimmick. Notice how two volumes are missing due to certain people who still haven't returned manga they borrow..Laura!! I don't like Miki Aihara's other manga (I forget its name) but H.G is amazing, art and storyline!

Thanks for reading, Bisous xx

P.S In blog related news, if you would like to, could you scroll down to the bottom and become a follower of my blog? You just have to click the 'follow' button. I'm feeling a little bit of a loner following my own blog..

PP.S I'm well aware I rambled like crazy this post, if you would prefer me to shut up a bit please constructively criticise!

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Grunge boots.

Long time no see - sorry I haven't posted for so long! I was so happy at how many comments I received on my last post. I'm not going to be as posting as often as I was before to make each one more interesting. It was great to see how many people knew about FRUiTS and loved Japanese culture in general! I have now started taking style tips frommy monosyllabic younger teen brother..I passed his CCF boots (combined cadet forces, basically armed forces type club where you do learn to march and swing over ponds on a rope, think police academy if you've ever seen those terrible films)((not trying to patronise anyone here, I dunno if CCF is a term only used here in England)), and I was inspired by how doc marten-y they looked.I love how bloggers like Frassy wear them. This 90s flashback trend has been made popular by the likes of Aggy Deyn and Daisy Lowe, and I like it!

Bottom right above: A part of my Art GCSE coursework..oh dear

I've also given myself an Autumnal nail colour...dark blue is Autumn-y right? The colour is Blue me away by Rimmel, cocktail ring is some random shop in France. My odd little finger is due to a break that popped it out at a 90 degree angle when I was probably didn't want to know that!

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Fruits & Boots

After pretty much years of waiting my New Look and Amazon packages were waiting for me when I got back from school today, hurrah!! I've been meaning to get some ankle boots for ages, and I love these ones, they sort of look piratey with the buckles don't you think? My Amazon package was two books, Fruits and Fresh Fruits by Shoichi Aoki. Fruits is a fashion magazine in Japan which pretty much exclusively is just full page pictures of street style from mainly Harajuku but also Tokyo in general. The two books I got are books of photos from the mag, and its so much fun to look through them! Its also interesting reading the small interview the photographer gives each person at the bottom of things, so you can see where the person got each part of their outfit from, current obssesion, point of fashion, ages and names etc.
The guy on the left hand pages in the part of his interview where it asks what his 'current obssesion' is he says sex...good lord!! The girl on the right hand pages' dress is so pretty, funnily enough there really isn't that much Lolita style in both volumes.

This girl above states her point of fashion and current obsession as Britain - yay!

I love her punk style, reminds me of the anime Nana. Some of her accessories are Vivienne Westwood, which is for some reason REALLY popular in Japan. On almost every page of the Fruits books someone has a Westwood bag or shoes.

She looks just like snow white!

If only the streets in England were this colourful and exciting!


Sunday 13 September 2009

Hand me down, please

Recently I got a whole bag of hand me downs from a cousin. Personally I love getting them, and it helps that my cousin looks and dresses like Daisy Lowe! I get a whole bundle of Topshop, H&M and Zara for free, and this Topshop dress is one of my favourites. Its by one of those designers for Topshop like Barabara Hulanuicki (I don't think I spelt that right), called Laura. It looks a little like a shirt dress due to the neckline and has crazy tattoo/doodle prints along the hem and by the neck. Its a smock dress really but I clinched it with a belt to give it a waist. Its a little to short for school but I think a pair of tights can solve that!I tried it with my military jacket but I'm not sure if that makes the whole outfit too dark, what do you think? Please excuse my bruised knees, a friend recently decided to give me a lighthearted kick when I was annoying her (yeah right) but failed to remember her topshop boots are really pointed and heavily studded. Nice!

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Tattoo print.

I was just looking on when I found a print they've released in two different dresses and I'm in love with it! For those who don't now, Motel is a vintage/thrifty online shop (they only have one store in Bristol). People who watch Skins might have seen the store in an episode near the end of the last series where Katie and Emily go shopping there for party dresses. This print kind of reminds me of a sort of Ed Hardy tattoo in a way, with the scrolls and the roses!I also thought I'd just show you an adorable photo I took of my cat Alfie today. My friend gave me a little hat she bought in Krgystan while trekking there, and it looks so sweet on him! He wasn't too keen on wearing it though, as you can see from his expression.


Sunday 6 September 2009

High Tea

This is my tea dress that I got from Joe Brown's and wore out yesterday. I love how vintage-y it looks, and I'll be wearing it for my first day of college with flats and a cardi but I'm not wearing any shoes in the picture; and my cat Alfie ran into the photo! My japanese is also coming along nicely, althought watching anime hasn't necessarily helped learning words its definitely helped with pronounciation.Sayonara! (Bye!)

Thursday 3 September 2009

Wish List

I'm thinking of going on a last minute spending spree on for college outfits...this is gonna hurt my debit card. The boyfriend blazer is too hard to resist though!

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Its raining, again..

I don't know why I left France, the weather here is terrible! If I could be anywhere right now it would be Tokyo, specifically Harajuku station on a Sunday where all the cosplayers, lolitas etc hang out. *Sighs*. The good news is my parents bought me a Learn Japanese cd-rom as part of a reward for my exam results so I'm off now to learn Japanese and eat some Mikado (Europian version of a Japanese snack called Pocky).

This is the New Look dress from a previous post.


Tuesday 1 September 2009


Here is my favourite new thing, a staple dress for school now I don't have to wear uniform anymore (yay!) with my gladiators which I've been wearing all summer and the UO heart pendant. It took me about six years to find a good place to take an outfit photo and the cat kept walking into the picture. And my legs are still in the dark! Anyone have any ideas how light my bottom half?!
My other new buy is my Monty Python and the Holy Grail film poster which I've proudly stuck up on the wall. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (or just Holy Grail) is my favourite film EVER. I've seen it six times and the sketches still don't get old for me! If you haven't seen it I suggest you do, its a comedy set in the times of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by the amazing British comedy troupe Monty Python. Clip below is from my favourite scene where they encounter the French..

'I'm French! Why do you think I have zis OUTRAGEOUS accent you silly King?!'

I'm now off to the library to catch up with all the reading I need for English!

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