Tuesday 24 December 2013

FOTD #21 | Lilac and silver winged eye make up

 photo 003_zpsee5bca24.png
 photo Untitled_zps4174ce92.png
 photo 006_zpse4a897ad.png
Eyes: Sleek matte brights palette, Accessorize With Love palette, MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Lips: Topshop lipstick in the damned (sealed with Lipcote and a little faded after dinner)

Went out for dinner and drinks with friends last night and this is the look I did for it. I used sellotape as a guideline for the shadow, which I forgot how useful it is! As the purple isn't too harsh I didn't even bother blending the edges, as it wasn't going to result in a overly dramatic eye. I have got SO much use out of the Accessorize With Love palette, it's a palette with a slightly glittery sheen in black/gunmetal/holographic silver and white. Perfect going out shades! 

Today was spent having a cringey family photo shoot at a studio (the sort of ones with the white backgrounds where you are forced to do cheesy poses) and then I came home and played Heavenly Sword on the PS3 for about 4 fours so I'm all gamed out for today. I'm pretty excited for tomorrow, I have lots of family coming over tomorrow and I plan to overdose on roast potatoes. Hope everyone has a very happy christmas! xx

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Happy House | Outfit

 photo Untitled_zpsa253c3da.png
Necklace - c/o Sammydress
Sweatshirt - c/o Sammydress
Disco pants - Primark
Flats - Topshop

The other day Sammydress contacted me and asked me to do a review of their site. They fall under the category of online stores based in China, everything is amazingly cheap but it should be noted that you should check the measurements of each item and that it will fit you (as Asian sizing is smaller than European sizing). I chose a sweatshirt and a necklace to review.
 photo 006_zps7f5144d9.png
 photo 007_zps890764fb.png

I'm very happy with the sweatshirt, the quality feels pretty good and I can't see the design printed on fading or cracking in the wash. The sweatshirt is one size but I'd say it was probably about a size 10, but has a baggy fit around the stomach.

I love the necklace, I'd seen a similar one on someones blog and was so happy to find this on the SammyDress site! The only niggle I have with it is that when I received my package there was a gem missing from one of the daisies which you can see in the photos.

 photo 029_zps8ea781c7.png

I placed my order on November 29th and it took about 2 weeks to reach me, which is standard for items based in China, the service I received was absolutely fine. It is also worth noting that as it is a wholesale website, the more/heavier items you buy, the higher your postage will be (this also depends which country you are shipping to). Overall I am happy with my experience with Sammydress!

Hopefully I should be able to post more now I'm back home for Christmas, I just don't seem to find the time at uni! xx

Saturday 23 November 2013

Vitamin C hair colour remover treatment - Before and After | Tutorial

Hi guys! So I mentioned before I made the mistake of not removing the green left in my hair before making the transition to lilac with blue ends. The fading process has left my hair looking like this:
 photo Untitled_zpsd1975fc8.png
 photo 001_zps15f69601.png
I also did my roots at the same time but made the mistake of not toning them after bleaching so the top of my head looks extremely patchy (and yes I know I need to do my roots again!)

I spent a while looking up the vitamin C hair dye remover treatment online and people seem to be raving about it, so I decided to give it a go. I used Michael James' tutorial HERE as he seemed to be the most informed on the subject out of the other tutorials I found.

You will need:

Vitamin C - you can buy it in tablet form and crush them up but I couldn't be bothered, so I got mine in powder on eBay HERE. The packet looks at bit scary but Ascorbic Acid is just the scientific name for Vitamin C.
 photo 011_zps0a5da6f7.png

Cheap shampoo (preferably anti-dandruff shampoo), and a conditioner (doesn't have to be cheap, I am just a cheapskate)

 photo 1_zps5d7f5446.png


-Mix 25g of vitamin c (or you can do what I did and just chuck what looks like 25g in) to 40ml of shampoo, this is easiest to do in one of the mixing trays you get with hair dye
-In Michael James' video he applies to damp, post shampooed hair. I just applied it straight to my dry hair
-Lather thoroughly and make sure all of your hair is covered
-Pop a shower cap over the top
-Leave for as long as possible! An hour or more if possible. According to MJ x3 treatments of an hour or more each should get you the best results possible.
 photo 2_zpsb1190b4f.png

First attempt:

 photo 3_zps5bb8827d.png
 photo 014_zps66d2b580.png

I left the mixture on for about 45 minutes as I was in a rush for uni. The first thing I noticed was that a lot of purple came out, whereas I hadn't noticed any colour running from my hair when washing it normally. You can see a tiny bit of difference around the roots where a lot of the pinkish purple ran out on right side of my parting.

2nd attempt

 photo 5_zpscba21c62.png
 photo 024_zps30360d23.png

I stupidly took these when it had got slightly darker so had to use flash a bit which doesn't give an accurate idea of the colour. Again more purple ran out in the shower but no major difference.

3rd attempt

 photo 6_zps49ac786a.png

A little bit of purple ran out on my third attempt after leaving the mixture on for 2 hours, but not much. 


As my hair was very pastel to begin with, the treatment did not move much colour but it did help. I reckon if you had very vibrant hair (such as turquoise or a deep purple) the vitamin c treatment really would move a lot of colour. I ended up bleaching my entire head again as although some colour was lifted the light green was extremely stubborn.

Overall I reckon this would be an excellent alternative to using chemist hair colour removers as the vitamin c is not harmful to your hair. It feels a bit dry after washing out the mixture but after conditioning it was fine, and I found my hair was a lot more soft than normal (and also smelt quite nice, which you won't get from normal hair colour removers) and dried more straight for some reason. So yes if you go between vibrant hair colours I think this would be a good option!

Have you tried using vitamin c treatments on your hair to lift dye? Do you have any tips on how to remove dye from the hair? xx

Wednesday 13 November 2013

FOTD #20 | Forever 21 Demi false eyelashes

 photo IMG_1632_zpsa299b8c2.png
 photo hdfj_zps92ec62e4.png

I've been absolutely loving these Forever 21 demi false eyelashes I picked up at the till a few months ago, I normally cut my thicker false eyelashes in half anyway to give a more natural effect but hadn't picked up some actual demi lashes before. These ones are sort of criss cross pattern and are very natural but have a nice flick which gives a very fluttery look to the lashes. You only need a thin line of eyeliner to disguise the band, and they look like you aren't wearing false eyelashes at all. I added depth to the eyes by drawing a line of dark brown eyeshadow into theh eye socket then blending out thoroughly. Lipstick is Topshop in Boom Boom with an old No7 pink gloss over the top. xx

Monday 11 November 2013

Manchester Doki Doki festival 2013 kawaii things | Haul

 photo 051_zps4e3d9e94.png
Set of 4 Hello Kitty cups - £1 - Hello Kitty pencil case - £2
 photo 052_zps9d53cf6a.png
 photo 053_zps30ad3da7.png
False eyelash case - £1
 photo 054_zpsac6a6a51.png
T-shirt - £10
 photo 049_zps8c663bd8.png
Knife and fork earrings - £3

These are just a couple of cute things I picked up at Manchester's Doki Doki festival, there was a ridiculous amount of cute stuff like character goods, handmade jewellery and lolita dresses but I don't think I went too crazy! I expected the hello kitty goods to be a lot more expensive actually as character goods are usually quite expensive here in England (probably due to import costs) but everything was quite cheap! The mugs will probably be used to hold make up brushes etc. xx

Saturday 9 November 2013

Doki Doki Manchester Japanese festival 2013: Harajuku fashion, Beckii Cruel and Attack on Titan Cosplay!

Hey guys! Today I went to Doki Doki festival which is an annual Japanese culture festival, with events like cosplay/harajuku fashion competition, workshops, demonstrations, Japanese food and character goods being sold and more! I've never been to an anime convention or anything before so this is the first time I've been to an event where all the reasons I became interested in Japanese culture were in one place - very exciting for me! I didn't have time to get together a cosplay but I wish I had done, I felt very boring walking around in comparison to some of the amazing costumes/outfits.
 photo 016_zps45c939d3.png
Beckii Cruel performing with the Harajuku fashion show entrants
 photo 2_zpsc8fe03e4.png
Amazing Attack on Titan and Princess Mononoke + My neighbour Totoro cosplay
 photo Untitled_zpsd8c4f91a.png
The girl on the left said she was a full time lolita, wish I had the guts to dress like that - her shoes were gorgeous! Also there were some of the Sailor senshi walking around
 photo 017_zpse2cbbe54.png
 photo 3_zpsbf019ca5.png
What my friend Elly and I wore
 photo 027_zps263a9f1d.png
Chicken curry wrap
 photo 020_zps65f3da40.png
 photo 1_zps421de3da.png
The girl on the left won the Harajuku fashion pageant and girl on the right came second. The winner is in majority DIA with Jeffrey Campbell Litas (which I also have, snap); she looked amazing, and it was my first time seeing a gyaru irl!
 photo 022_zps794ae432.png
Seriously wanted to buy a bonsai and take it back as a kitchen plant or something.
 photo 4_zpsdb20c44b.png
I met Beckii Cruel! She was so sweet and said my hair was like a mermaid's - so strange meeting someone after following them on youtube for so long!
 photo 033_zps8c56d12f.png
Shamisen demonstration
 photo 028_zps08b584ed.png
 photo 039_zps533070ee.png
Matcha flappe/frappe (Elly and I couldn't decide what it said on the menu, either way it was delicious)
 photo 032_zpsb6156722.png
More Attack on Titan Cosplay! x3 Mikasas, x2 Titan Erens, x1 Armoured Titan and two flesh (?) titans
 photo 035_zpsf48c5fab.png
 photo 029_zpsc64cc277.png
It was a really fun day, it cost £10 in advance or £15 on the door. I highly recommend going next year if you are interested in Japanese culture. Even if you aren't interested in the pop culture side of things there were plenty of things to see related to traditional Japanese culture such as the shamisen demonstrations, talks on many topics such as women in Japan, drumming and karate demonstrations. Definitely worth a visit! xx

Friday 8 November 2013

The best spot treatment for oily skin: Lush Grease Lightning | Review

 photo 001_zps74730496.png
 photo 002_zps617c8398.png
 photo 005_zps045bbae6.png
Greased Lightning - £5.95

Recently I've been trying to strip back my skincare to a lot more natural products, I have very oily skin which reacts badly to very chemically products such as strong toner - so I've been looking towards natural companies such as The Body Shop and Lush at the moment. A quick google of spot treatments for oily skin and rummage through some beauty blogs (where did I go for good recommendations before?!) and I found Lush's Grease Lightning.

It's a little on the pricey side for a student but you only need the smallest amount so it goes a long way. I've found this stuff to be amazing. I dab a little on possible lurkers about to come to head or spread across tiny bumps I seem to get on my forehead at nighttime, and by morning they are visibly reduced. Plus due to the tea tree and witch hazel in this you can also use it as a toner - multi use product! If you have oily/combination skin I would highly recommend this.

Do you have any skin care recommendations for oily skin? xx


Wednesday 6 November 2013

Aphrodite Lady Seashell Bikini

 photo 010_zpsbe4c37b5.png
 photo 009_zpsd732219d.png
Jumper - Primark - Pinafore - Primark - Tights - New Look

The flash on my camera is making my hair look all kinds of weird colours. Today involved a 2 hour grammar class and I'm making sausages and mash for dinner. Uni life is all kinds of exciting. xx

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Remember remember the 5th of November

 photo 006_zpsec3d3c14.png
 photo Untitled_zpscf15e6e6.png
Dress - Hearts and Bows - Cardi - Charity Shop
 photo 007_zps5b49cb1c.png

Hey guys. I spent 2 hours today translating a text on ramen so I am now uber eager to make my own properly, compared to my awful attempts so far. Today has consisted of uni, homework, and I'm about to make some chilli con carne then go see some fireworks in the local park with my bf. Obvs I'm not going to wear today's outfit as a) it is minus temperatures and b) these boots will not survive the mud. Come to think of it I am a bit stuck for footwear as I don't bring my wellies to uni so one pair of shoes is going to be severely muddified - oh well. Anyway, this dress was from a shop in the Arndale and is from a brand called Hearts and Bows, and was only £6.50 so not bad! I threw on a giant thick cardi as well from a charity shop which kept me nice and warm. xx

Sunday 3 November 2013

My first month on instagram ✰

 photo Instagram_zps838c1da7.jpg
Friend's new kitten / selfie /studying / amazing but seaweed filled Lush bath bomb / bf's amazing roast / more selfies / make up for night at fav metal club / my friend I being candyfloss twins / faux JC Coltranes / kanji flashcards / rainbow in Manchester / ear candy of the day

 photo Instagram1_zps31d214cf.jpg
H&M unicorn necklace / Barry M mani / kawaii study / night out eye make up / student nourishment / yakisoba noodles at Japanese restaurant / Doriyaki / yummy Koppaberg / DIY spike collar / halloween make up / halloween costume 2 / my crack

Hey guys! So after finally sorting out my iphone I got instagram and have been trying to figure it out since. This is what I got up to in my first month using it. It literally makes me want to take photos of everything! xx
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