Sunday 24 May 2015

Kusama Yayoi polka dots/light room inspired nail art/manicure | Nails

Hey guys! Here's some super quick nail art I did loosely inspired by Kusama Yayoi's light room (click here for pictures of it, it's absolutely stunning - I saw it in London when her exhib was at the Tate Modern I think). This is really easy to do, the nail polishes themselves are all Japanese brands but the nail pens are Models Own and Barry M (Barry M ones are the best nail pens I've tried, thoroughly recommend these). I'm off to go re-dye my hair now, hope everyone had/is having a fab weekend (the UK time difference always confuses me) xx


Monday 18 May 2015

Tokyo bits and bobs: Visiting the Lost in Translation Park Hyatt Hotel, exploring Kichijouji and Shibuya | Japan

Shu Cream (puff pastries filled with cream)

The food above is fake, it's called サンプル (sample) and you see it everywhere in front of restaurants and cafes in Japan.
Coke bench inside a Game Centre in Kichijouji
Graffiti in a back street in Shibuya
Socks and outside of Pachinko (gambling) parlour in Shibuya
View from the Park Hyatt's New York bar

So recently I've been up to interesting (read: getting drunk) things on Sundays, last weekend I went with some friends to the New York bar in the Park Hyatt Hotel to listen to some jazz (I'm so classy I can't even handle it). The hotel and the bar are used in the film Lost in Translation so it was pretty exciting to visit, plus the views were insane. Also while we were there Nicola Formichetti (Gaga's ex stylist and creative director of Diesel) walked in for dinner! He was also joined by Kiko Mizuhara who is G-Dragon from Big Bang's (Kpop band) girlfriend and a really popular model in Japan - not bad for a celeb sighting imo.

This weekend that just passed my friend and I spent some time in Kichijouji which is a up and coming 'trendy' spot in Tokyo, it has a lot of nice shops and bars and usually we go there for karaoke. We were actually searching for locations to do a photo shoot which had a kind of tacky/run down vibe to it so I got some interesting reference photos. Continuing the fun Sundays theme, I also went to a Tinder hosted rooftop party in Odaiba yesterday which was pretty interesting. It was windy as hell and they had girls in neon bikinis pole dancing on a pole which was swaying dangerously in said wind, and we were also given a lot of free vodka/gin/tequila so needless to say I didn't go to class this morning...

Let me know if you guys like these sort of Japan posts interesting! xx


Thursday 7 May 2015

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Black Liquid Eyeliner / セーラームーンリキッドアイライナー | Review ☾


Until I bought this eyeliner I actually hadn't bought any in Japan as I bought 4 with me to Tokyo, but apparently Japanese liquid eyeliners are amazing so I decided to get one! The one I originally bought came without the cap that makes it looks like a Moon Stick so I went back and bought another eyeliner with the cap haha (dedication).

This eyeliner is definitely very Japanese style, a lot of girls just do an extremely fine line and not much of a flick/cat eye - so this brush is a crazy thin 0.1mm. This means for a thicker western cat eye you do a bit of filling in but it's easier to be precise with the thickness of the line and you can get your eyeliner wings uber sharp.

It also says it's waterproof on the packaging but then removable with hot water (lol), if you aren't looking up at the sky during a downpour it really stays put and super opaque during the day. However, occasionally my right eye does this 'oh hey thur I see you made effort with your eye make up today, let me ruin that for you' thing where it waters out of the right corner like mad, which does cause this eyeliner to sort of dissolve (but not run, which is a positive). However to combat this I just go over the wing part of my eyeliner with MAC Liquidlast cos that shit does not move for anything.

Mainly I'd recommend this eyeliner to Sailor Moon fans, as there are better fine line Japanese eyeliners on the market in terms of staying power. There's also a version with the Cutie Moon Rod cap you can buy, they're actually being sold on eBay for only about £5 more than they in stores in Japan so definitely worth investing if you're a fan (sold HERE and HERE, seller is based in Hong Kong though).

Any sailor moon fans out there who'd buy this? xx

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