Friday 19 December 2014

How people react to unnatural hair colours: blue/pink/purple hair problems | Chat

I've had this post drafted for a while and finally got round to posting it! Since I dyed my hair blue in my first year of Uni, I've gathered an assorted collection of experiences of the general public's reaction to me looking 'different'. I'm not trying to 'special snowflake' myself here in any way, it's no way a unqiue thing to do nowadays but I thought I'd share some of the funny/scary experiences I've had with coloured hair, and if there are any other rainbow gals out there please comment your stories below!


Obviously people's reactions are not in the sense of being mobbed in broad daylight or whatever, but having your hair an unnatural colour seems to make people think it's okay to say certain things/act in a certain way; even though it is pretty common (especially with the current trend for my little pony hair). I'd say 80% of reactions to my hair are positive and 20% negative.


You often get quite a few people complimenting you which is lovely, often I get shop assistants and strangers telling me they like my hair. Some people are also genuinely curious about how get your hair a certain colour, I've been asked how I dye my hair by people from a group of 15 year old teenage boys in McDonald's to people in til queues with me. I also often get 'you look like a mermaid' from drunk people on nights out, which frankly I am going to take as a compliment. My favourite reactions though are those of children, who often go: 'Mummy look at her hair!'. Once I was waiting to be served at the bank and a little girl went: 'Mummy look at her hair! She looks like a princess!' (best compliment ever, because children never lie obvs).


Negatively because you look different people can think they have the right to comment, and call you out embarrassingly in front of others because your hair isn't a normal colour. I had a waiter in a restaurant pat me on the head and ask 'what do you want blue one?' when was time to take my order (err get off me). On time I was walking to the bus stop I had someone distributing flyers shout 'OI you with the green hair!!' (cue everyone on the street turning to look at me) to get my attention. People may also think they have the right to touch your hair (they don't), I once had two 'lads' at a flat party play with my hair whilst discussing what colour it was: 'mate it's definitely blue' 'nah fam it's green look at it'.

Another time I was in a shop and a woman came up behind me and start stroking my hair, and when I turned around like wtf she went 'your hair is so pretty - I just had to see what it felt like!'. Err thanks I guess?


Unnatural hair colours can also seem to be a beacon for creepy guys in clubs: One very drunk guy, as his friend dragged him out the club: 'YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE CANDY FLOSS I WANT TO EAT IT' (that one was quite funny actually) and a less amusing creep: 'You're actually quite fit, but your hair is fucking weird'. What an absolute charmer.


 Ticket inspectors also regularly call me out on the bus 'your hair is interesting' 'morning luv, nice hair' (at 8.30am on a bus packed full of students, leave me alone plzzz). Guy on a reception in the gym: 'your hair is very', bouncer: 'your hair looks like it's gone mouldy' (thanks). The worst experience I had was a guy following me down a dark deserted street asking me questions about my hair and telling me how much he liked it which freaked me out massively.

Find a friend with rainbow hair too and become my little pony twins

What you have to get used to with unnatural hair colours is the staring. People love a good stare. Most people just have a look because it's bright and bright things catch your attention. Others however will have a good long gawp. I come from the middle of the countryside, and when I go outside to walk my dogs or to one of the local small towns you get all sorts of brilliant reactions. I go to university in Manchester where there are plenty of people with bright hair, being a massive student city. However there is none of that in t'country. Here are some of the reactions I have registered in response to my hair:

The 'please don't mug me' (old ladies clutching their handbags as I pass by, I shit you not)
The 'Ew. What are you doing with your life?'
The 'OMG *double takes*'

Or my favourite from my Grandpa upon seeing my hair for the first time: 'GOOD LORD! What have you done to yourself?!'


Of course the negatives do not outweigh the fact that having unnaturally coloured hair is really fun. You are colourful 24/7 and also, as I have been regularly reminded, like a beacon; so your friends will never lose you out shopping/in clubs/packed places. You also become very used to being stared at, if I catch someone staring at me I know it's usually because my hair is bright, rather than I've got a massive spot or my skirt is tucked into my knickers. I'm not going to lie though it is very uncomfortable being stared at sometimes, but as I said if you are living in a major city the chances are unnatural hair colours are a bit of a norm, so you will garner less attention.

If you've ever had rainbow hair what reactions have you received? xx



Sarah Laird said...

Awh, some of those reactions - I especially like the princess comment! I'd be in the 80% positive reaction group, I think the colours are gorgeous! I've wrecked my hair so much with peroxide in the last six years it really needs some time off colouring but I'd love to try that purple/lilac in the third picture in the future! xx


Colleen said...

TBH this just made me want to dye my hair a rainbow color. I already have red hair which gets enough attention as it is, imagine if I had turquoise or pink!


sheren-x said...

People can be so f*cking shallow. One of my friends has dyed her hair pretty much every single colour you can possibly imagine. She first dyed it green a few years ago and rocked up to our prom showing it off for the first time. She looked amazing and so do you. I remember walking down the road with her and men would be so pervy and make all of these weird comments so I can kind of see where you're coming from. I think you look really cool and it suits you beautifully :) X


Neeltje | Thoughts in Style said...

The light purple looks so good on you!

Eilidh said...

I love your hair especially the purple! people can just be so rude, I dont understand it. I desperately want lilac hair but the up keep seems like hard work:(

Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

JasminCharlotte said...

I think it looks fab! But I do think some people just don't realise they are being rude when they say some things, it must get frustrating. If I could be bothered putting the effort in then I totally would have my hair similar too! x

Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

Sami said...

You really suit crazy hair colours, it's hard to imagine you with something "ordinary"!!

I used to dye my hair a lot when I was younger, between ages 13 ~ 20 I had everything but blue on my hair haha
I think one of the nicest things to happen was when I had a few colours at once and a little girl was super excited at counting them all haha
A medium thing was probably when a blind student at school touched my hair without asking, I'm not sure why he thought he could feel my colours anyway but I just wish he had asked because it was startling!
I once had a guy pull my hair in the school corridor and it was me who got in trouble for reacting (aka/punching him) because I "brought it on myself"

But the absolute worst has to be when I was out with my mum and a group of guys just straight up spat on me :'( it was so horrible!

I guess I should take some pride though too, I was the first person in my schools history to dye their hair pink and because of that the students there now can get away with it ;)


Georgie said...

I'm thinking of giving my hair a break from bleaching too but it is fun being colourful! xx

Georgie said...

I'm glad I encouraged you haha! xx

Georgie said...

Thank you! You do get some weird comments but it's all worth it in the end :) xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! It is quite a lot of upkeep but so much fun to have! If you don't want the root maintenance you could always go for a lilac dip dye :) xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! It does get a little irritating but I think most of the time people are just curious xx

Georgie said...

Thank you! Omg your experiences, especially the spitting are so awful! It's so terrible how the tiniest bit of 'difference' in people's eyes makes you a target for them. That's awesome you had it at school though, I wasn't allowed so as soon as I left the bleaching/dyeing began :) xx

dannifred said...

i definitely relate to this! mine is currently blue which is pretty unusual where i live. fortunately no one says anything to my face, mostly just stares. i get a lot of compliments as well which is nice!

xx danielle //

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