Sunday 30 January 2011

NOTD: Dotty

These were my nails last week, remind me of Cath Kidston prints quite a bit! Modules finished now so will google some ideas for more nail art to do this weekend, did do a grey/pink version of the leopard print but it was so messy I took it off. Btw check out these two tumblrs for awesome nails art Wah Nails and Fuckyeahnails.



Friday 28 January 2011

Finally Friday #9

Too much pink haha?! The lippy is Gaga's lipstick for MAC Viva Glam and the sweatshirt is my Mum's.

Watching...things on youtube when I should be revising
Listening to...Echoes by The Rapture
Looking foward to...Half Term, only 3 weeks to go!!

1) Not much happened this week, I've been experimenting with my Dolly Wink Pure Little Lashes and I will try and review them this weekend.
2) Well actually something did happen now I think about it, I received a letter from Downing St in the post (thinking it was another bank letter wasn't that excited till I flipped it over and 10 DOWNING STREET was printed on the back!). It was in response to my letter to David Cameron about the governments' plans to build a second high speed rail through England which is going to destroy my village, and a lot of other homes; also villages, farmland and areas of natural beauty etc. Basically a massively douchebaggy idea to be spending millions on when we already have a high speed rail and they are cutting funds left right and center yet spending about £40 million on railways, last time I checked one of Britain's main problems wasn't a shortage of railways! *calms down a bit* Anyways rant over its another cock up on behalf of the people that run this country, but the reply I got from a certain 'S Caine' thanked me for my 'excellent' letter and said they are fowarding my letter to the department for transport so I am now expecting a reply from them too.
3) I have an A2 Psychology module today (well I'm writing this on a Wednesday so in two days time) wish me luck!!


Tuesday 25 January 2011

Review: Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask

My Mum bought me this face mask a while ago, and its quite alarming the first time you use it as the mask is self-heating and warms when you put it on your skin! Its weird sensation but this mask does leave your skin feeling very soft as the warmth opens your pores to allow better cleansing. The only negative I can give to this mask is that it does 'draw out impurities' i.e it brings up a few belmishes, but if I remember correctly thats the reaction you are supposed to get from deep cleansing face masks at spas. The mask is £10.20 in Boots (the packaging is slightly different now though) and you can get it here.



Sunday 23 January 2011

♥ NOTD : Leopard ♥

Barry M Mint Green & Strawberry with Rimmel liquid eyeliner 
One of my hobbies is nail art so this is a new post series where I will show you my current nails. Also have added a page at the top so you can see all of my nail art pics I've put up on here. I did these after following a tutorial on Gem Fatale's Blog which you can see here. I actually did the black using a liquid eyeliner! Its much easier to use than a nail art pen for this pattern and with a couple of top coats over it, it doesn't budge. Have you noticed my excellente posting btw? Thanks to the wonder of scheduled posts I'm trying to get them up on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.



Friday 21 January 2011

Finally Friday #8

Listening to - My Secret Friend by IAMX
Watching - Big Fat Gyspy Weddings
Looking foward to - Getting an Itouch (when I have the money!)

1) This is me with my cat (not really a kitten anymore) Noodle who I posted about here when we got him and his sister Zaza from a cat rescue. He had his 'addendas' snipped two days ago but as soon as we let him out the cat carrier he was tearing around attacking things as usual, suprisingly perky for someone who has just had their balls lopped off haha!
2) I am so stressed right now, I had an English resit on Monday which I'm praying went well and Psychology module next week. Problem is I am terrible at revising (the thought of it makes me more stressed than the actual exam) so I always find it impossible to knuckle down and get to work!
3) I received my second uni offer yesterday (yay!), but I'm sure that my first offer is the university I want to go to. I haven't mentioned what I applied for here yet, my intention throughout my GCSE's and AS's was to apply for English and creative writing as that was always my 'thing' but if you haven't noticed from my blog topics, Japanese culture is really my passion and I am really sick of English literature now; as it ruins books for me if you have to break down and analyse them! So I applied for a range of English and Japanese and just plain Japanese Studies courses, and all of them involve spending a year studying in Japan which I'd love to do. I've applied for deferred entry in all of them so I'll have to endure the fee rise but I know I've made the right decision as I am definately not ready to go to university this September, I want to be able to spend a year becoming more independent by getting a job and building my confidence to have to go and make a whole new set of friends and live in a strange new city. On my gap year I'm planning to go to America for some time with my bestie as I've never been, take a Japanese course, visit my friends who aren't deferring their uni entries and their various universities, get a job and maybe you guys can suggest other things to do?!

P.S Please follow my blog it makes me haaappy :P



Tuesday 18 January 2011

Gyaru transformation fun ✰

Today when I should have been revising I got bored, and after reading some Gyaru blogs decided to follow Sara Mari's gyaru eye make up tutorial. I like Gyaru depending on how extreme it gets (I've never fake tanned in my life and don't intend to start now!) but after having a go at the make up I admire Gyaru for the time and effort it takes!

And the wig is my new purchase off Ebay but sadly it doesnt fit on my head properly with my hair tucked underneath it (I'm wearing it with my hair pulled in a low pony tail at the back).

Transformation complete! Personally I think the 'droopy eye' eyeliner which is meant to make your eyes look bigger makes me look a bit sleepy and I nearly took my eye out with a pair of tweezers getting the falsies on, I can't imagine wearing them every day!

This girl was on Snog, Marry, Avoid and is a full fledged Gyaru, this is what a stereotypical example of it is I think if you are interested have a look at her blog!

Do you like Gyaru make up, or is it too OTT in your opinion?



Saturday 15 January 2011

★ Vintage shopping ★

On Wednesday before I went back to school I went shopping with my friends, and visited two vintage shops. Although bloggers rave about Vintage clothing and charity shop finds I've never really got into it, but I can understand the enthusiasm! This is what I wore:

Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera is finally giving up the ghost and is now prone to fits of bluriness for no reason and I am too nervous to dip into my gap year fund for a new one :(

Jeans - Gap - Jumper - Vintage - Scarf - Topshop - Bag - New Look - Boots - Zara

The shops I visited were like a treasure trove, the first thing I saw when I went in to the first was a whole rack of vintage chunky cardigans at prices far more reasonable than in Topshop! The first place we visited I bought this navy oversized cardi which you can see me wearing in a previous post, and I also acquired two more of my Dad's old jumpers to with the burnt orange one above. No idea what I can wear the mustard-y brown coloured one with though!

Then we walked to the next vintage shop (passing several adult shops on the way errr dirty) and I picked up 3 vintage scarves which I've been wearing in my hair since.

Then went to the highstreet shops which were so dissapointing in comparison! I had a Topshop gift card from Christmas to spend, yet all I found was this necklace and a make up brush - no bargains on the sale rack at all.

Deco'd the make up brush with a few rhinestones when I got home:
Also went to Boots to pick up the hair dye (see below), my favourite eye primer and some hairspray (notice how I specifically chose the can which was not endorsed by Cheryl bloody Cole).

Also, I've added a like option at the bottom which is quicker than commenting, just click it and it doesn't load a new page or anything. May be helpful as I'm not sure whether people are reading my blog and not commenting or not reading my blog at all; in which case how do you let people know your blog exists?!



Friday 14 January 2011

Finally Friday #7

Listening to ... Lonely Day by System of a Down
Watching - Never Mind the Buzzcocks 
Looking foward to - ??

1) Yes that it is a snake curling around my ear, I bought it off Ebay and I love it! The tail is the butterfly clip for the earring, the only problem is I have quite big ears (only the tips stick out, wtf much?) so the snakes body can become unhooked from the top of my ear if I jig about too much!

2) I have English an English exam on Monday which I am crapping myself terrified about, I'm going to spend the whole weekend desperately re-reading Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso sea. As much as I love Jane Eyre if I have to read that novel one more time I think I will go insane!!

3) I bought a brown curly wig on Ebay hoping to just be able to wear it as a quick hair style change but I completely forgot I tried a friends wig before and I have too much hair to wear it! I'll take some photos for you guys but I followed a tutorial for long hair and wigs and even after separating my hair into multiple plaits and clipping them heidi-style across, my head looked MASSIVE with that much hair underneath the wig, not a good look!
4) I'm thinking about embedding my new youtube videos here every time I upload a new para para cover. I posted one at Christmas but I think I may have confused a couple of people who don't follow Japanese pop culture as much as I do haha! So would you be interested to see my para para covers or a bit 'err wut?' ? 



Monday 10 January 2011

DIY Ombre hair : Complete How to ♥

 After buying the wrong dye once I finally got round to giving myself Ombre hair! If you don't know what Ombre is, it is basically a graduation of usually brown through to light brown or blonde at the bottom section of the hair. Celebs like Alexa Chung, Drew Barrymore have sported this look:

I have also seen versions with bright colours (for example Amy of Forever Curiouser has bright red) but I would call that dip dyeing, a la Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

 As for the origin of Ombre I've no idea, I've been pronouncing it ohm-bre as in the French for 'shadow' but my friend read my blog and asked me when I was going to om-bray (which I'm sure is some sort of Mexican dance) my hair so idk!
It is very simple to do and does not require that much skill or money. All the bloggers who have done Ombre (for example LLYMLRS, Amy Antoinette, Zoella) have used L'oreal Excellence Creme Blonde Highlights kit so I went and got that for about £6. If you are a brunette like me you will need this or something similar that bleaches as nothing will happen to your hair if you just use Blonde hair dye.
The innards of the packet are quite scary as there are a lot more bits of pieces including a scary looking metal rod with a hook on the end and a fetching bonnet:
Trololol (turns out the rod is to hook strands of hair through the bonnet to be highlighted)

Anyway so you mix everything together and solution turns a lilac colour:
As my hair is quite long so I tied it into two bunches with small elastic hair ties so I would have an equal amount of Ombre on each side with the hair tie as a guideline.

(wearing my special hair dyeing t-shirt hence the purple stains)
Then you literally just slap the dye on! Although if you tie into bunches make sure you thoroughly dose each bunch in dye as this can cocoon hair from being dyed.
I left mine for 35 minutes (I'd say 30 mins minimum for brunettes), washed the dye off and had this lovely golden brown colour:

I took this pic a few days after the dyeing so it may have faded a bit, and its a little darker one one side but I still love it! I may go a bit lighter but seeing as my hair is currently dyed quite a dark brown I think being completely blonde at the ends might look a bit odd so I like the lighter brown colour ombre on me better.The kit also comes with a conditioning mask, as a negative is that bleaching does dry your hair out quite a bit so this softens the hair a little. Overall I am very pleased as I love experimenting with my hair colour and this was an easy way to transform my hair. Next step is to bleach it light enough so I can dye the ends lilac...we'll see!

EDIT: I realise ombre is meant to be more of a subtle transition but my hair was dyed dark brown to begin with so it was never going to be that unnoticetable, but it looks a lot more subtle now. Just in case anyone thought the colour change was a bit block-y. Here is a more recent picture of me with the ombre:

Also just as a heads up the bleaching did dry out my hair a lot and encourage my split ends, if you have the money I would get it done professionally at the hairdressers, especially if your hair is very dark as you will require more bleaching.



Friday 7 January 2011

Finally friday #6


I've decided to change my weekly summary posts to be more of a well, summary! I also just want to point out (as I recently saw/read one blogger getting angry at another for this) that this isn't an original idea for a post series I have made up myself, and to give credit where due LLYMLRS has been doing a 'Sunday portrait' series forever and the lovely Kavita of iheartvintage also has a series called 'Share Sunday' and I'm taking inspiration from both these bloggers in my 'finally friday' summary posts. Sorry to ramble but I feel that if bloggers are going to replicate other bloggers ideas for posts they should give them credit!

Listening to... Rules don't stop by We are Scientists
Watching... Come fly with me (so funny!)
Looking foward to... Lying in tommorow, 6am weekday wakeup kills meee

1) I went back to school yesterday, woop (not), I always forget how short the Christmas holidays are! I really need to buckle down to work too as I mock exams and upcoming modules in Psychology and English, aahh shoot me now!

2) I'm thinking about ordering my first Lolita dress from Bodyline, specifically the one in my Christmas Wishlist post but I'd be quite scared to wear it to school as the majority of my school is in Uggs and Jack Wills clothing and I'd stick out like a sore thumb.

3) Oh and a little bit of  good news, I sent off my UCAS for defferred entry just before I broke up for the Xmas hols and received an offer the day before Christmas eve, yay!

4) New Years resolutions:
a) Be more confident and assertive, stop worrying what everyone else thinks!
b) Work hard to get good grades in my A Levels
c) Get a job, babysitting doesn't count!
d) Plan my gap year in detail



Tuesday 4 January 2011

Style Crush ♥ Lady Gaga

I may have mentioned before that I am a MAHOOSIVE fan of Lady Gaga. Many people hate her because they think she is weird, but I think the fact she isn't your run of the mill Cheryl Cole or Katy Perry, i.e a pretty face but little talent behind the make up, makes her far more interesting. Lady Gaga is brilliant because she can back up her outrageous outfits, videos and performances with genuine musical (in singing, writing music and playing piano) and artistic talent; hence why I believe she will be a billion times greater than lets say, Madonna. Plus let us not forget her equality activism (campaigning against Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which has just been repealed), charity work (named most charitable celeb of 2010: donated $500,000 to Haiti earthquake relief and helped raise millions to fight HIV/AIDS)...Gaga is an all round good bean!
And of course she is the ultimate role model for confidence and not giving a crap what anyone thinks about you, demonstrated not only by her outfits but her appearance on Jonathan Ross when questioned about the hermaphrodite rumours, took a delicate sip from her floral tea cup and responded with: 'Well, I do have a really big Donkey dick'.
Fashion wise she has just been named Vogue's best dressed of 2010; and it is kind of hard to summarise Lady Gaga's style in a few outfit shots so I've divided the pictures into make up, shoes, wigs, hats and my top 5 favourite outfits of hers. Collages are made by me with pictures sourced from Google images.
L-R : Lightning bolt hat, telephone hat on Jonathan Ross, 'hair hat', Antler and feather hat, Kermit fascinator, Phillip Treacy lobster hat

L- R: The hair bow, blonde with yellow dip dye, silver with mermaid blue graduation, coke cans from the telephone video, pink and blonde curls

L-R: Red sequinned eyes at the royal variety performance, pink glitter at the Grammys, pearl face art, Telephone video x2, and the make up to go with the Mickey Mouse jumpsuit in the Paparazzi video
L-R: Glittery lilac heels at the Grammys, Alexander McQueen shoes from Bad Romance, Noritaka Tatehana heeless shoes and Wedges

These are just my top 5 favourite outfits of hers that sprung to mind!
L-R: Beautiful Alexander McQueen renaissance print dress at the VMAS, White lace jumpsuit at the Brit Awards, White Crystals dress (I prefer the aqua blue version but couldn't find any photos!), the bubble dress, and one of her more demure outfits but still thought it was pretty for its simplicity.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!


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