Friday 14 January 2011

Finally Friday #7

Listening to ... Lonely Day by System of a Down
Watching - Never Mind the Buzzcocks 
Looking foward to - ??

1) Yes that it is a snake curling around my ear, I bought it off Ebay and I love it! The tail is the butterfly clip for the earring, the only problem is I have quite big ears (only the tips stick out, wtf much?) so the snakes body can become unhooked from the top of my ear if I jig about too much!

2) I have English an English exam on Monday which I am crapping myself terrified about, I'm going to spend the whole weekend desperately re-reading Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso sea. As much as I love Jane Eyre if I have to read that novel one more time I think I will go insane!!

3) I bought a brown curly wig on Ebay hoping to just be able to wear it as a quick hair style change but I completely forgot I tried a friends wig before and I have too much hair to wear it! I'll take some photos for you guys but I followed a tutorial for long hair and wigs and even after separating my hair into multiple plaits and clipping them heidi-style across, my head looked MASSIVE with that much hair underneath the wig, not a good look!
4) I'm thinking about embedding my new youtube videos here every time I upload a new para para cover. I posted one at Christmas but I think I may have confused a couple of people who don't follow Japanese pop culture as much as I do haha! So would you be interested to see my para para covers or a bit 'err wut?' ? 



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