Monday 26 May 2014

Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen | Review




Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - £6.00 (in Boots)

  • opaque black pigmentation
  • easy to create cat eye
  • easy to correct mistakes
  • makes eyeliner application quick
  • doesn't dry out easily
  • need to use with primer
  • poor staying power
I never buy anything these days without checking that at least two bloggers would recommend it, and this is on of those things I picked up after bloggy research. I bought this to be a daily eyeliner, and it does the job. First of all, I tend not to use this product without primer. You can't really see from my swatches but using a primer brings out a much deeper black in the eyeliner and increases its staying power. This is the only felt tip style liquid eyeliner I like, it's so easy to use, makes eyeliner application really quick, gives an opaque black most felt tip ones don't give; and, as the name suggests, is really good for doing a cat eye too.

However, while this is brilliant for cutting the time of doing eyeliner, it doesn't have good staying power. I wouldn't recommend this for watery eyes, and if it's raining you need an umbrella as it will smudge, although not terribly. Overall I like this, I will keep using this for day to day use but when I want awesome staying power such as on nights out, I will always go back to MAC's Liquidlast! Have you tried Supercat? What did you think? xx

Saturday 24 May 2014

Barry M Aquarium collection in Pacific, Topshop holographic nail stickers | Nailed It




Barry M Aquarium polish in Pacific, Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat, Topshop nail stickers

As revision procrastination this week I gave myself a quick mani using Pacific from Barry M's Aquarium collection and these Topshop holographic nail stickers I picked up in a sale a while back. I loove these Barry M polishes, dying to get more of the collection! These stickers are quickly becoming favs too, although I do struggle with getting them to lie flat occasionally they are crazy pretty, especially when the sun hits them (see above) and the holographic-ness is visible! Have you guys tried any of the Barry M Aquarium collection? xx

Thursday 22 May 2014

My little pony t-shirt, Topshop Joni jeans | Outfit






Leather jacket - Topshop
T-shirt - Picked up at a Japanese culture festival
Jeans - Topshop Joni Jeans
Sandals - ASOS
Single pearl necklace - c/o Rings & Tings
Cat ring - c/o Rings & Tings
Cross ring - c/o Rings & Tings

Something quick I threw on to go to uni for a meeting the other day. It's soo sunny in Manchester! I'm still carrying an umbrella as you never know in this city, but it's nice to be able to be out and about in a t-shirt and sandals. I am so glad I bought the joni jeans, they are so flattering and the perfect level of high waisted-ness to wear with crop tops or t-shirts in the summer. Idk what colour my hair even is now, as soon as exams are over my housemate is going to do my roots and redye it for me, I cannot wait! xx

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Cute pastel Primark Haul ♥







I picked up so many cute bits and pieces in Primark today! I've been a bit off schedule with blogging due to exams, and yesterday was my big Japanese language exam which was fairly blah. So I headed to town after the exam with coursemates for a few cocktails and some shopping. I originally intended just to replace my Primark jelly shoes with a bigger size as mine were giving me blisters (they don't have a bigger size, #giantfeet), but I saw the cute bag in the first pic and that started a shopping frenzy. The watermelon top is actually from H&M and although I didn't buy to create an outfit looks really cute with the skirt! Looking forward to wearing that this summer xx

Friday 16 May 2014

Mr Nutcase Tim Walker pastel cats inspired phone case | Review



Phone case - c/o Mr Nutcase

I was contacted the other day by Mr Nutcase, a company that prints a photo of your choice onto phone cases. Having gotten bored of my tumblr-esque drippy phone case this was a great opportunity to create a phone case that no one else has. I chose this Tim Walker picture which I loove, it's often my background for things like my desktop. 

Also interestingly enough it's not photoshopped at all, the cats were genuinely dusted with non-harmful powder to achieve the fur colour! The print quality of the case is brilliant, and it arrived super fast. If you want to literally create your own phone case I highly recommend Mr Nutcase, and they've given me a 10% off code for readers, enter “Thanku10” at the checkout. xx

Tuesday 13 May 2014

My lilac pastel satchel Zatchel ♥





Recently Zatchel had a mahoosive sale (something like 60% off I believe), and my grandparents kindly got me one for my birthday. It took quite a while to arrive due to the volume of orders from the sale but now it's here I'm so pleased with it!

I got the lilac satchel from the pastel collection, in 14.5'' so I'd be able to fit my laptop in it, and it fits perfectly. The only problem I have is once the bag is full because it is so sturdy (which is also a plus), you can't squeeze a lot of things in. For example if I take my laptop and a textbook or two, I'm going only going to be able to squeeze in a small pencil case or my glasses case. Phone, keys, purse and laptop charger have to go in my coat pockets. The satchel is pretty sturdy, it protects my laptop fine in the place of a laptop case so I would definitely recommend these for students (measure your laptop first though to check the size you need!). 

I would also recommend getting a strap slider as this makes the satchel more comfy to carry. Does anyone have a Zatchel satchel, or picked up one from somewhere else in the recent trend for satchels? xx

Friday 9 May 2014

My Topshop lipstick collection + swatches




ohh la la swatch

Ohh La La - Probably my favourite Topshop lipstick I own, as you can see from the wear on the bullet! I always think it looks very neon orange when I apply it but as you can see from the swatch, it reality it's a really wearable coral colour.

the damned swatch

The damned - This lipstick annoys me, as from the bullet (as you can see from the picture it looks practically black), it looks like super dark vampy purple, when it fact it's quite a pink toned purple colour. Still lovely though!

whimsical swatch

Whimsical - My newest addition, a present from my bestie. I got this after reading Llymlrs rave about it, a very light wearable coral colour, 'barely there' lipstick.

all about me swatch

All about me - A really pigmented fuchsia, looks great with a simple cat eye as the colour is bright.

boom boom swatch

Boom Boom - I'm not really keen on the colour of this one to be honest, it looked a lot lighter from the bullet (although looks darker in my photo). It's quite similar in colour too (and smell weirdly) to MAC Viva Glam Gaga 1. Also speaking of Gaga the name of the lipstick reminds me of the Fame, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom anyone?

hazard swatch

Hazard - My go-to red, a really nice shade with good staying power.

And that's my little collection! As I said my favourite is Ohh La La but I'm looking for some new good 'uns, do you guys have any shade recommendations? xx

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Monochrome vines and flowers nail art | Nails



Used: Revlon White on White, Barry M nail art pen in black, Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat

Hey guys! Getting quite into doing nail art again now I've found a good topcoat. There's nothing more frustrating then spending an hour drawing tiny pictures on your nails for it then to chip 20 minutes later! Anyways I follow a crapload of nail artist's instagrams and I saw a picture of some dainty vines, and merged it with a white or black flower silhouette design I've done before, but switched the colours. I love having white nails, sadly this Revlon polish is quite difficult to apply, needs a couple of coats and a lot of work to make it not look patchy.

However it has the same level of colour finish and anti-chip so that's all that matters I guess. I did these nails while watching a documentary on Killer Whales and how they become aggressive in captivity and have killed/very nearly killed a scary number of trainers in parks like Sea World. But in the wild there are no reported cases of them being aggressive towards humans. It's a really interesting (also quite sad) documentary, if you're in the UK you can watch it on iPlayer here! xx

Monday 5 May 2014

5 Beauty Favourites | April 2014


Sleek face contour kit in light - I've recently been getting into contouring my face with this, it's amazing the changes you can make to your face shape by using it on the sides of the nose or slightly more unusual places like above your cupids bow. Also the contour shade is perfect for really pale skin, and the highlight is quite subtle; perfect if you don't like a super dewy finish.

Kleenex shine absorbing sheets - I always have a pack of these face blotting sheets in my bag as a better option than carrying around a powder compact. These are my favourites as they don't smudge make up, and are made out of sort of plastic bag material, so you don't end up with powdery fingers.

Sally Hansen double duty Base & Top coat - Just a brilliant top and base for nails. Boots had run out of Seche Vite which I wanted to try but I picked up this instead, I'm glad I did! Keeps your nails chip free for about 3 days even with the crappiest nail polish underneath. Also prevents the nails being stained as a base coat.

Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner - I love this product, I will be reviewing it in full soon! It has to be worn with a primer for the best finish, but it just makes doing your eyeliner so much quicker and easier. Also the control you get with the brush allows you to get really close to the lash line and fill in any gaps.

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in 205 Elusive - I literally can't fault Revlon at the moment, they are my favourite brand for nail polish and I love their balms and stains. This shade for me is only a few shades up from my natural lip colour and gives that your-lips-but-better colour. It also has a nice minty smell and feels slightly tingly on the lips which I really like.

Have you tried any of these products? xx


Saturday 3 May 2014

Student loan haul - Topshop, Primark ✰

Primark ~
Cushion - £3 - Jelly Shoes - £6

Left - £4 - Right - £5

Miffy bottoms - £8 - Star shorts - £4


Joni jeans - £36 - Hair tie - £4

Elvive Extraordinary Oil - £10

So a few days I went shopping, with the lure of a combination of birthday money, student loan and the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester having one of its student discount events. I mainly splurged in Primark and Topshop, although stoppped by Levi's too as they were giving away free beers if you showed them your student card. Not bad! Last time the Arndale had one of these events I found I bought stuff for the sake of getting free gift bags, or because I felt bad missing out on the discounts. But this time I had a shopping list so I feel it was a more concise splurge haha. My main things I'm glad I got were the Joni jeans, as I never ever wear jeans and needed a new pair that fit well. Topshop's student discount for the day was 20% so they ended up being under £30 which is pretty reasonable. Also picked up a load of cute stuff in Primark, especially that heart cushion which I definitely don't need but it's so cute and fluffy! Therefore, totes a necessary purchase. xx

Thursday 1 May 2014

White skort - two ways | Outfit



Choker - eBay - T-shirt - Topshop - Skort - eBay - Converse - Office



T-shirt - Primark - Shirt - Forever 21 - Skort - eBay - Boots - Office - Tights - New Look

It's getting slightly warmer here in manchester, not quite bare legs weather but definitely take-a-coat-but-you-might-not-need-one weather which is so unbelievably nice! Of course I still have to carry a mandatory umbrella but it's nice to be able to go out in a t-shirt and denim jacket and not risk frostbite. Anyways, I've been trying to get away from my much loved Primark thermal leggings as it gets hotter and dug out this skort. I've only worn it once before due to the fact it's pretty transparent and thus prone to vpl (cue cracking out extremely sexy anti-vpl beige knickers), but with tights worn underneath any vpl (or just vp) is avoided. 

Anyhoo, these are two ways I styled it recently, I think the first look with the galaxy tee is my fav, what do you think? Do you guys like the skort trend? xx
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