Saturday 3 May 2014

Student loan haul - Topshop, Primark ✰

Primark ~
Cushion - £3 - Jelly Shoes - £6

Left - £4 - Right - £5

Miffy bottoms - £8 - Star shorts - £4


Joni jeans - £36 - Hair tie - £4

Elvive Extraordinary Oil - £10

So a few days I went shopping, with the lure of a combination of birthday money, student loan and the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester having one of its student discount events. I mainly splurged in Primark and Topshop, although stoppped by Levi's too as they were giving away free beers if you showed them your student card. Not bad! Last time the Arndale had one of these events I found I bought stuff for the sake of getting free gift bags, or because I felt bad missing out on the discounts. But this time I had a shopping list so I feel it was a more concise splurge haha. My main things I'm glad I got were the Joni jeans, as I never ever wear jeans and needed a new pair that fit well. Topshop's student discount for the day was 20% so they ended up being under £30 which is pretty reasonable. Also picked up a load of cute stuff in Primark, especially that heart cushion which I definitely don't need but it's so cute and fluffy! Therefore, totes a necessary purchase. xx

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