Monday 24 October 2011

Glossy Box September Review

I wrote this post ages ago and forgot to publish it! I caved in after seeing so many blogger reviews of Glossy Box and signed myself up, and received my first box recently. Its fairly pricey (£12.95) and I'm not sure I can justify it at the moment as I should be saving, but you definitely get what you pay for, the packaging is amazing and some of the samples are full size products.

1) HD Brows Palette - (Have done a full review on this, just scroll down!) This product is absolutely brilliant, the best thing I have received in a glossybox so far!
2) Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - Smells delish, left my skin feeling really soft. Would not use on my hair though like it suggests.
3) Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm - Looks similar to the Sanctuary's Thermal face mask but didn't feel like it heated up at all, however left my skin feeling nice and dewy and smells good.
4) Plum by Mary Greenwell - Smells amazing, but I just don't really wear perfume at all!
5) Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner - To be honest quite disappointing, didn't smell very nice, shampoo didn't lather very well and conditioner did nothing for me. Would prefer my normal Pantene over this any day. 'meh' is my review summary of these two.

I think I better start describing myself as a beauty blogger now considering the last 3 posts have been beauty related! Off to have a play around with my camera, want to have more outfit posts on this blog but all pictures I've taken recently have been blurry, so irritating :/ xx

Thursday 20 October 2011

Frankenstein Nails!

I received this cute little package this morning as I was on my way to my Japanese lesson...
Love the kawaii stickers

I won a set of nails from the lovely Marina at Forever the Ugly Duckling (go check out her blog, she has amazing nail art skillz) in her blog giveaway, first time I've ever won something in a giveaway so was very excited! 
I stuck the nails on with some blutack just to show you guys what they look like, but I'm going to put them on properly at halloween, I think they'll go nicely with my costume (I'm going as Magenta from Rocky Horror).

Will try and do an outfit post tomorrow, working quite a lot now so more monies to buy clothes yay!! xx

Friday 14 October 2011

Tutorial: How to clean a foundation brush

Hey guys just a quickie tutorial that I thought I would show here, because it works so well! All you need is:

- A plastic bowl
- Washing up liquid
- Cooking oil
- Your dirty foundation brush
 Add two parts fairy liquid... one part cooking oil
 Mix it all up with your foundation brush
 You can see all the foundation being drawn out of the brush into the oil and fairy liquid
 Rinse and dry
 And voila, clean spangly foundation brush to be used with your fav foundation!

Sorry haven't posted more recently guys, busy with Japanese lessons, volunteering and starting work tomorrow - eek! xx

Monday 10 October 2011

HD Brows Review

Like a lot of other bloggers who subscribe to Glossy Box, I received an HD Brow palette in September's box, and I love it! Normally I don't fuss with my eyebrows as they don't grow much, I had been using a Rimmel Brow pencil in Hazel but it was a bit too much of an orangey-brown for my brow colour. This product is personally what I think made the September Glossy Box worth it (£12.95 I think per box), as on the HD Brows website the palettes retail for £19.95!
The great thing about the palette is it is both a brow and eye palette, and as I only use one colour for my brows (which I find matches my hair colour better than my brows naturally do...lolwut) I used the remaining colours to do a smokey brown eye.
With both eyes and eyes done with the HD Brow Palette:
And before and after HD Brows (only HD Brows on the right brow)
I look very blah here as took the photo at about 2am, while skyping my bestie, hence the ear phones!

I personally now feel like 'doing' my brows is as essential as concealer, it really makes a difference to your face! What do you guys use product-wise on your eyebrows? xx

Friday 7 October 2011

Adventures in deco-land part 2 ♥

Here is some shiz I have deco'd recently, enjoy!
My alarm clock
My pot for hair ties
A plastic toy turtle that I got with a children's meal in Portugal...this took me like 2 hours - I clearly have far too much time on my hands.
Also anyone who like to deco I highly recommend poundland/99p shops and whatnot, their craft sections are always a goldmine for decoden supplies. Picked up these gems and a cute pink storage box the other day to tidy deco supplies.
Messy deco drawer...
...tidied away deco supplies! Naturally I deco'd the box for deco stuff, I'm sure thats like, deco inception.
Should be posting more regularly, have some posts lined up, I'm such a good blogger! xx

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Dead leaves and the dirty ground

So I know its been boiling the past few days and I've just been lounging about in shorts and a tank top, but today it cooled down a bit and this is what I wore:

Blouse - New Look - Jeans - New Look - Bag & Sandals - Ebay

 Went and handed in more CV's today in this, I hope it made appear nice and employable. Job hunting is so bloody depressing! And it doesn't help that everyone's facebook at the moment shows them having an amazing time at university on fresher's week while I mope around trying to get some fool to employ me...really hope taking a gap year is worth it in the end! Anyway end of depressing rant, I'm so glad I can finally crack out some clothes I bought for the Autumn! I saw someone online going on about how predictable the Autumn colour scheme trends are, the same maroon, teal, mustard and browns each year, but I like it! Teal is my favourite colour, the colours all have a really classic feel to them and hey you match the leaves on the ground.

Bought a silly amount of stuff recently:
 (New Look)
(The charity shop where I work)

I can't recommend volunteering in a charity shop enough, its hard work but it gives you great work experience, looks fab on your CV, you're doing a good deed and as I have found, you get good bargains! I get a 25% staff discount on top of being able to shotgun any items I like before they even go out on the shop floor...hence on Monday managed to snag a Motel rose print bodycon dress (see above) in mint condition, and two gorgey maroon coloured jumpers for when it starts getting chilly. So yes I would highly advise volunteering guys! xx
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