Friday 7 October 2011

Adventures in deco-land part 2 ♥

Here is some shiz I have deco'd recently, enjoy!
My alarm clock
My pot for hair ties
A plastic toy turtle that I got with a children's meal in Portugal...this took me like 2 hours - I clearly have far too much time on my hands.
Also anyone who like to deco I highly recommend poundland/99p shops and whatnot, their craft sections are always a goldmine for decoden supplies. Picked up these gems and a cute pink storage box the other day to tidy deco supplies.
Messy deco drawer...
...tidied away deco supplies! Naturally I deco'd the box for deco stuff, I'm sure thats like, deco inception.
Should be posting more regularly, have some posts lined up, I'm such a good blogger! xx


Unknown said...

How cute deco!! *.*

Michelle Loreto said...

You've gone all out with those decorative bits, hah! Cute!

x Michelle |

Eloise said...

Love how you've done the watch!

Imogen said...

These creations are amazing, I'm very impressed. I love them all. The turtle is especially creative and the design is gorgeous. It looks like it must have taken you ages, even longer than 2 hrs. Thanks for your comment on my DIY cardigan. I love that it reminds you of the union jack because I adore anything with the union jack on it.

Anonymous said...

so cool! that turtle is adorable! :D

XO Sahra
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Anonymous said...

OMG i rememnber the turtle! mine is still green..guess whooooooooo xxxxxxx

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