Sunday 30 August 2009

I'm back!

Sorry for the lack of update, I got back on the 27th after getting my GCSE results (which are important exams you take in England and Wales at 16 for those who are elsewhere). I got A*s and As with 2 Bs, I'm very happy! Frankly it was a miracle I managed to get my B in maths, and as I got my schools required grades I'm going on to my schools sixth form college to do English, French, Psychology and Classical Civilsation for AS!

I bought a nautical navy blue stripe dress from Topshop yesterday so I'll be doing an outfit post of that soon, this is a very boring outfit for today just hanging around at home! The Urban Outfitters heart pendant I got off Ebay is my favourite necklace, I wear it with everything!

Monday 17 August 2009

To do

I leave for France tommorow morning, and I get back on the 27th so I'm afraid there won't be any posts until then!
Its suddenly occurred to me that when I get back I only have about two weeks of holiday left before I go back to school and start sixth form, and I still haven't done everything I wanted to!
So here is my end of holidays to do list..

Learn the Hare Hare Yukai Dance

(A dance from the Anime the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya which people often perform at Cons)

Read The Wide Sargasso Sea (need to for college!)

Also read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Go on shopping spree for school clothes, now I don't have to wear uniform!

Buy a load of stationery from Paperchase

Get hair cut, possibly like this:

I will also be selling my collection of Twilight books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (the last two are in hardback), and an Anna Tsuchiya CD + DVD which is brand new. If anyone is interested bookmark be as a seller because they will be up for sale when I get back. My username is Taylorg292.


Sunday 16 August 2009

Can't wait

I'm so excited about going to France for my holiday (finally) on Tuesday! I'm also kind of nervous, the last day of my stay I'm going to have to ring up my school from France to get my GCSE results as I won't be home in time to collect them, and I'm not waiting till the next day! For those not in the UK, GCSE's are major exams you take in England and Wales when you're 16. My results depend on whether or not I get into my schools sixth form college!
On a brighter note, I spent yesterday sitting a gorgeous kitten, which had been abandoned but taken in by our neighbours. She was a tiny little thing, teacup-size but still very playful and crazy! (I have the bite marks to prove it, she rather liked feet). The picture is of my new 'anime door', as I received a couple of posters free in my issues of Shojo Beat. The top one is from Vampire Knight (which I'm not really that fond of), the middle from Nana (which I love) and the bottom one from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Now I think I'll go buy an Ouran High School Host Club poster from Ebay!

Saturday 15 August 2009

Ex Twilight Fan girl

I am an ex Twilight fan girl. Yes I have all the books, included Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in hardback but since Twilight has reached Harry-Potterish hysteria they don't seem as special anymore. Stephenie Meyer's writing also shows flaws, like repeatedly describing Edward's 'crooked smile' and 'topaz eyes'. It seems like she can't come up with any other adjectives to portray his so-called gorgeousness. Talking of which, does a 'crooked smile' really sound that attractive? I found myself laughing at the terrible acting when I re-watched the movie, however I'm a complete hypocrite as I shall be going to see New Moon when it comes out, but only on account of Taylor Lautner's rather well defined abs.

Thursday 13 August 2009

Coral Me

My new coral playsuit from New Look. I think this will look good with my gladiators!

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Kitsch Switch

This is an adorable watch set I got from a company called Cupcakes and Cartwheels. They give you a watch face and 12 different ribbons to interchange the strap. They have gorgeous designs which give a really kitsch-y feel.

Monday 10 August 2009

Exceedingly Grimm

My Dad brought me back the complete volume of Grimms Fairy tales from New York a while ago and it makes for interesting reading. It has fairytales in their original folk form, which are often gory or violent. In Cinderella the step-sisters cut off parts of their feet so they fit the shoe. Both nearly marry the Prince until a friendly pair of doves point out to him they have blood pouring out of their shoe. He obviously wasn't the sharpest tack in the box.
My favourite story is one called 'The Princess in Disguise' about a princess who runs away from the castle to avoid being forced to marry her father. She disguises herself as a kitchen maid but every evening attends a party at another castle she has escaped to, by taking a different dress each night out of a walnut shell she brought with her. The first night she wears a dress as golden as the sun, the second as silver as the moon, and the third as if she were wearing stars. Its a very pretty story, however another one called Fitcher's Bird is about a wizard who kidnaps young girls and then kills them. Delightful. However its interesting reading fairy tales as they were originally, and not Disney-fied.

Sunday 9 August 2009

Write it down

I've kept diaries since I was about 10 and this is my collection and they document 6 years of my life. Its cool to be able to look back and see what you were like in the past! I also keep a travel journal for when I go on holiday so I don't have to lug my main diary around. Does anyone else keep a diary or has kept them for a while?

Saturday 8 August 2009


This is a beautiful fan I was given a while ago as a present. Its covered with beautiful translucent lace, and reminds me of 17th century French bourgeoisie fashion.

Friday 7 August 2009

You're my ginger, you're my fire

One of my favourite anime is Nana, which is about two girls both called Nana and their lives. One of the characters, Nana Osaki is a punk singer, and her singing voice in the anime was done by Anna Tsuchiya. Under the title Anna inspi' Nana she released singles from the anime but she also has a singing career away from Nana, and I love this song of hers called Ginger. The pec flexing in the video makes me laugh!

Thursday 6 August 2009

Shojo Beat time!

In England there's very little in the way of 'stuff' for manga/anime fans. Its rare to find a manga section in a book shop, and if you do its very small. There's only one magazine in the UK for manga fans. Most people don't even know about manga and anime, or think its a lot of my friends! For those who don't know manga is basically Japanese comic books, and anime is Japanese cartoons. For example most people have watched an anime if even they've never heard of the term, remember Pokemon? Pokemon is actually the shortened Japanese for 'pocket-monster' - pocketu monsuta.
America has tons of conventions for anime and manga fans, and magazines dedicated to it. One of the magazines for girls manga (Shojo or shoujo manga) was called Shojo Beat, and my relatives who live in America were sending me issues. Unfortunately it closed down recently due to the economic crisis. However I was recently ebaying and I discovered a few for cheap!
So this is my new stack of 10 issues of shojo beat - yay!

Wednesday 5 August 2009


Dress £15 New Look

This is my new dress I bought from New Look the other day.The photo doesn't really do it justice but the skirt is quite poofy and high waisted and the rose print is gorgeous.

Long time no see

Sorry for the lack of posts recently I've been very busy! A few days ago I went punting with my family, and we stopped off at a field at the bank of the river and a had a picnic, it was a weirdly sunny day and there were lots of Canada Geese, swans and ducks swimming past us. Its fun sitting on the stern of the punt and using the oar. Yesterday I went out with some friends and had lunch in the noodle bar where I had yo min noodles with good! Then we went to see The Proposal at the cinema which was good but very long. Later that evening I also watched Ferris Bueller's day off (amazing), the shining (which I bought on dvd) and Monty Python and the holy grail which is my favourite film of all time. I think it was the 6th time I saw it yesterday, and I'm still not tired of it! To make up for lack of posts I'm going to post some of my recent buys.
This picture is a little random, its a necklace I have which looks like its made of emeralds and diamonds (it isn't) but still its very convincing! By the way I do have a head I'm just titling it upwards :P

Saturday 1 August 2009


This is a beautiful little ring stand I thrifted at a village fete on a Bric-a-Brac stall a year ago. There are pearls at the end of each rung and its a beautiful rustic gold colour.
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