Sunday 16 August 2009

Can't wait

I'm so excited about going to France for my holiday (finally) on Tuesday! I'm also kind of nervous, the last day of my stay I'm going to have to ring up my school from France to get my GCSE results as I won't be home in time to collect them, and I'm not waiting till the next day! For those not in the UK, GCSE's are major exams you take in England and Wales when you're 16. My results depend on whether or not I get into my schools sixth form college!
On a brighter note, I spent yesterday sitting a gorgeous kitten, which had been abandoned but taken in by our neighbours. She was a tiny little thing, teacup-size but still very playful and crazy! (I have the bite marks to prove it, she rather liked feet). The picture is of my new 'anime door', as I received a couple of posters free in my issues of Shojo Beat. The top one is from Vampire Knight (which I'm not really that fond of), the middle from Nana (which I love) and the bottom one from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Now I think I'll go buy an Ouran High School Host Club poster from Ebay!

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