Tuesday 13 May 2014

My lilac pastel satchel Zatchel ♥





Recently Zatchel had a mahoosive sale (something like 60% off I believe), and my grandparents kindly got me one for my birthday. It took quite a while to arrive due to the volume of orders from the sale but now it's here I'm so pleased with it!

I got the lilac satchel from the pastel collection, in 14.5'' so I'd be able to fit my laptop in it, and it fits perfectly. The only problem I have is once the bag is full because it is so sturdy (which is also a plus), you can't squeeze a lot of things in. For example if I take my laptop and a textbook or two, I'm going only going to be able to squeeze in a small pencil case or my glasses case. Phone, keys, purse and laptop charger have to go in my coat pockets. The satchel is pretty sturdy, it protects my laptop fine in the place of a laptop case so I would definitely recommend these for students (measure your laptop first though to check the size you need!). 

I would also recommend getting a strap slider as this makes the satchel more comfy to carry. Does anyone have a Zatchel satchel, or picked up one from somewhere else in the recent trend for satchels? xx
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