Wednesday 30 January 2013

FOTD #12 | Water Faerie

 photo 036-5_zps03377ea9.png
A more exciting FOTD this time haha. I wore this look to a Wonderland themed party/festival and seeing as I had just dyed my hair blue and I'm obsessed with fantastical creatures I decided to be a water faerie. My outfit wasn't very exciting (blue tank top and blue bodycon skirt) but I did go all out with make up. I won't list  the make up as I used a plethora of random branded/unbranded blue eyeshadows, but if anyone wants to know anything in particular please ask! The lashes however were only a pound from Primark, all you need is good lash glue, cheapie lashes are the way to go!
 photo 032-4_zps53e6c58f.png
 photo Untitled-21_zpsad786d80.png
 photo 011-14_zpsc8dc2f51.png
With two of my lovely flatmates, water faerie and a woodland nymph ^ ^

Oh and in case anyone was wondering the symbol above my bindi is the Japanese character for water, sadly had pretty much faded off by the end of the night as you can see. xx

Monday 28 January 2013

Wishlist: Hello Kitty Zatchels

I came across these the other day and omg they're so cute! Sadly the biggest (normal?) sized Zatchel is priced at £110 so I won't be buying one any time soon on my student budget.
 photo Untitled-21_zps2b79a82c.png
If you have the monies floating around you can buy them here.

My favourite is the top right but I love the top left as well! Any readers Hello Kitty fans too? xx

Friday 25 January 2013

♥ I dyed my hair mermaid blue! ♥

Yesterday I decided to take the plunge and dye my whole head! When I had my hair cut recently I lost most of the dip dye and I didn't really feel myself without some colour in my hair. I was just going to dye the under section of my hair blue but I thought I might as well while I'm a teenager and at uni and meant to be doing cray things to my hair. My friend Rojan (her tumblr is here) bleached my hair for me, I'm SO grateful to her, I would've massively cocked it up if I'd tried to do it myself!!

I used 4 boxes of Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL in Max Blonde to do my entire head. I thought I'd only need 2 boxes but underestimated how thick my hair is, and how much solution I'd need to fully take my hair from brunette to blonde.

I then washed my hair with a violet pigment silver shampoo to try and remove some of the yellow tones. However my hair was still very barbie yellow-blonde, I was going to stay blonde for a bit but I've got quite a ruddy complexion, and as you can see it really didn't suit me!!

Eyebrows: Barry M Kohl Pencil in no 19

I then diluted some Directions Atlantic Blue with a feckload of conditioner and smothered my head with it. Some of the dye wasn't mixed properly so some bits of my head are more green than blue but I don't really mind, sort of makes for a multi-tonal mermaidy effect. I'm going to a themed party as a water faerie/nymph on Saturday so my hair is now perfect for it ^ ^
Please excuse make-up less face and embarrassing freshers t-shirt in some of these photos haha. I've finished my exams now, so posting as normal! xx

Saturday 19 January 2013

In the land of gods and monsters

 photo 1-14_zps4c049e09.png
Snood - Accessorize - Coat - Unbranded - Bag - Primark - Jeans - New Look - Boots - Office
 photo 019-3_zps46033407.png
Some grotesque picture of fishmongers in the National Gallery, could not for the life of me work out what the fish on the bottom right is; and also it looks like it has hands and a face haha!
 photo 024-4_zpsfdee3c80.png
Beanies £1 each
 photo 025-2_zps4aa482bd.png
Cardigan - £14 - Snood - £1
 photo 026-2_zpsfc723664.png
Sweatshirt - £8 - T-shirt - £3
 photo 027-5_zpscf224f50.png
Top - £10 - Hat thingy - £1

Long time no post AGAIN. In the middle of exams at uni and revision (or lack of) is killing me, it's so depressing! Literally haven't left my flat apart from to get more Sainsbury's £1 double chocolate chip cookies, and  then eat them all while I feel depressed about how bad at Japanese I am. My last exam is on Wednesday and then I will get back to the normal university routine of going out, shopping and generally avoiding work. I did go out and have a quick shopping spree in Primarni as you can see above though ^ ^
My little bro took the outfit pics when I went on a family trip to London to the National Gallery for the day. Took a while because he enjoys pretending to take an outfit photo, but instead taking close ups of my nose or eyes. We were only in the National Gallery for a bit and then walked down the entire length of the King's Rd trying  to find Jamie Laing of Made in Chelsea's Candy Kittens shop...only to be told by someone it was only a pop up shop and had closed down. Nearly cried, the King's road is so freaking long! We made up for it the disappointment by getting Maccy D's, muchly exciting day. Anyhoo I'm back to learning about the history of ancient Japan (shoot me now), posting back to normal after wed! xx

Saturday 5 January 2013

University Beauty Tip #1 ♥ Baby wipes

I thought this would be a useful series to do - being a beauty addict and now a first year student at University; I have found ways to budget necessary (and unecessary) beauty buys, so you don't suddenly find you can't afford your weekly shop.
I nicked this idea off a friend. She had some baby wipes on her desk and uni, and after inquiring it turns out she was not hiding an infant in room - but uses them instead of face wipes.

If we look at the pricing of Johnson's daily cleansing wipes vs their baby wipes...

Johnson's baby wipes - £2.13 for 56 wipes

Johnson's daily cleansing wipes - £3.29 for 25 wipes

So if you only use a face wipe a day one packet of these could last you for 56 days! Since I've been using these I've found my skin has been better compared to using wipes marketed for facial cleansing. I'm guessing this is because the wipes have to be very sensitive for baby skin. As for their make up removing power, I've found it to be exactly the same as the wipes that claim to remove 'even waterproof make up', maybe even better at times! 

I hope this was useful guys, I've got a couple more ideas for this post series. Let me know if you have any good money-saving tips for beauty necessities at university! xx

Thursday 3 January 2013

☆ imPress press on manicure in Holla! | Review ☆

I received these for Christmas, and tried them out for NYE. I'm pretty impressed (no pun intended) with them!
PhotobucketEasy and quick to apply
PhotobucketCute packaging
PhotobucketLength looks natural
PhotobucketFeel comfortable and secure on
PhotobucketWon't chip
PhotobucketNo need for glue

Photobucketquite expensive
Photobucketlimited choice of designs so far in the UK
Photobucketnail sizes too small in general (for me!)

Have you guys tried out imPress nails? xx

Tuesday 1 January 2013

FOTD #11 | NYE Midnight Blue Glittery Eye

Happy New Year everyone! Didn't really dress up last night, but did my eye make up sparkly instead.
Face: Clinique Stay Matte, Urban Decay Concealer, Benefit the Porefessional, MAC Matte, 17 Pressed Powder, HD Brow Kit, Collection Clear Mascara
Eyes: Topshop Eye Crayon in Midnight, MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Unbranded deep brown shadow, Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes, Blink+Go Lengthening Mascara, MaxFactor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara, Loose silver glitter from Accessorize pressed over the top
Lips: 17 Sheer Moisture Lipstick in Cashmere Blush

I had my hair cut recently, about two inches off so a lot of my dip dye has gone, when I go back to uni I may go blonde though...then lilac?! xx
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