Friday 12 July 2013

How I dye my hair blue/turquoise/teal

This is my current method for doing my hair. Normally I'd get my friend Rojan to bleach my roots and dye my hair at the same time as she is amaze at it but I won't see her til I got back to uni in September, so I have to have a whack at it myself for the time being.

I hadn't dyed my hair for over a month and half and it had gone a very pale sea foam green colour, I don't mind it at all but I'm going to a party dressed as Sailor Neptune in a few weeks so need my teal-y colour back ^^

 photo fgh_zps7688d9fa.png

You will need:

 photo 005_zps57ec6ec9.png
Dye/mixing bowl/application brush/sectioning clips/sectioning comb/shower cap

At the moment I mix one bottle of Stargazer 'Turquoise' and one bottle of Stargazer 'Coral Blue' to achieve the colour I want. But I've also used La Riche Directions in 'Atlantic Blue' and 'Apple Green' and once, Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise.

 photo 006_zpsb7e19695.png

Also consider an extra mirror to see the back of your head if you're dyeing your hair yourself, cling film to wrap your hair and conditioner to bulk up the dye if you don't have enough to cover your head.

 photo 007_zps2b7f9121.png
Squeeze the dyes into the mixing bowl

 photo 008_zps5b15c747.png
Mix them up

 photo hjkgh_zpsdd1bbdbb.png
Section the hair for dyeing - I use a mixture of applying the dye to the roots with a brush, combing it through the hair and just rubbing it in with my hands. USE GLOVES! I then wrapped my hair in cling film and covered it with a shower cap. You can blast your head with a hair dryer with all the coverings on to speed up the dye and help the colour attach to the hair.

Leave the dye on as long as possible. Most unnatural hair brands use vegetable based dyes with no ammonia or whatever so aren't bad for your hair. Leaving it on as long as possible means you get a brighter colour.
 photo Untitled_zps96003d00.png

I'm quite pleased with my attempt as usually when I do it myself I discover patches of uneven colour but I combed the dye through this time which I think really helped. xx
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