Tuesday 2 July 2013

Sequins and Beads is now....Liquorice Pearls! - Blog Rename

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Hey guys! So the other night I got bored and decided to rename the blog, think of it as an early bloggiversary  change. Finally I am the owner of a .com domain (goodbye forever .net) which I think looks a lot better. It was a massive kerfuffle sorting out a blog renaming, once you think about everything linked to your blog (twitter,lookbook,bloglovin',tumblr,email...) it ends up meaning you have to change quite a bit.

An important thing to note is my email address is now: LIQUORICEPEARLS@GMAIL.COM
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I'm happy with the new name Liquorice Pearls, it was my tumblr url too so now all my online presences match. Plus the word combination is unique enough that it means search results will take people straight here ^^ 

Having a blog name like Sequins and Beads (born out of a year 10 ICT project to design an online fashion shop website) meant I got lumped in with wholesale bead sellers and frequently received emails from Texan moms looking for specific bead types. Luckily liquorice pearls seem to be a type of ye olde confectionery so I should be alright now :) xx
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