Monday 19 September 2011

Acceptable in the 80s

 Top - ASOS - Skirt - Zara - Boots - Ebay
 Nails: Alluring Creature by Jessica
Brows with the HD brows palette that came with this month's Glossy Box, will review soon!

Greetings! So it has been a ridiculously long time since I blogged but weirdly enough (and I mean it IS weird, normally all I do is sit at home on tumblr for days on end) I have been busy being social and whatnot! I work two days a week at the charity shop I mentioned last post which is going well, you do get some crazy people coming in though and sadly a lot of shoplifters, so one of my main duties is to glare suspiciously at anyone who comes in. Anyway this is what I wore to work today, just nice and simple! Pretty much all the lilac in my hair has faded now but I'm reluctant to dye it again, as I'm pleased with how I managed to get the ombre to be gradual this time and pink might make the blonde go orange, thoughts guys? xx

Friday 9 September 2011

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun

Top - Ebay - Skirt - Motel - Cardi - New Look
Close up of the top
Nails don't really match the outfit but oh well! Both 17 Lasting Fix in Heartbeat and Woo Me

Haven't done an outfit post in an age! Found this top on Ebay, it has stills from Gaga's Poker Face video printed all over it, sadly the colours like the vivid blues aren't quite as bright as the video but its still cute! Having partially lilac hair I'm now worrying that my hair clashes with my outfits, I suppose redheads have this worry too?! This outfit post was taken on a snazzy Gorillapod tripod (the crazy bendy ones that can cling to trees and whatnot), the first time I've bought something specifically FOR the blog; I've vowed to work hard on it on my gap yah! In other news I'm ticking the first thing off my gap year to do list, I start volunteering at a charity shop on Monday, its my first time in a work environment and I'm going to have to learn how to use a till - eeek wish me luck! xx

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Lilac Ombre Fail

I was tweeting recently about how I was attempting to do a coloured version of ombre, but it went a bit down the pothole as firstly I didn't bleach my hair blonde enough, and then put pastel pink dye over the top which turned my hair ORANGE! So to counter this I put lilac dye over the top and it ended up looking a bit strange. So then I spent a good few hours in the dead of night till 6 am bleaching my hair section by section (I have very thick hair) with foils till I got it as blonde as possible, then mixed lilac and pastel pink dye to get a pinky purple colour and then put all that on with foils...lets just say it took a long time!! This is what it looks like now:

I wanted the colour to be a lot brighter but I went through two boxes of bleach and still couldn't get my hair the platinum blonde colour it needs to be to 'take' the dye. Still I quite like the faded silvery/purple look but I think once the colour faded I'll go to the hair dressers and get it done properly!! xx

P.S Any True Blood fans reading? I'm wearing a Bon Temps football t-shirt my friend got me from the HBO webstore, I like to pretend it is Jason's I love it!

Sunday 4 September 2011


 ...oddly phallic
 Rudey French postcards
 My new boyfriend I found poking out from underneath some leaves, it says we don't need no education underneath...maybe he's a pink floyd fan? No idea what the poster was for!
 I'm not sure what this animal was called, its not a beaver but it was adorable, it couldn't have cared less about people walking past, it was completely wild and let me squat down right by it to take a photo and just carried on digging away!
Creepy silence of the lambs moth that was the size of my palm

I got back from France on Sunday, after taking 3 trains and the underground in both Paris and London to get home...I got scammed by people at the station in Paris pretending to be collecting money for a children's hospital but then promptly ran away as soon as I gave them some money, I felt pretty stupid afterwards but also what a sick way to scam people! Anyway I had a lovely hol, enjoying the french food (apart from the lack of cheddar upset me greatly) and I went to a French market hence the sneaky photos. We also went to a sort of town event with live music one evening which was err interesting, it involved covers of dance music and general top 40 stuff and then some backing dancers, a man dressed as a crocodile and another guy guy who occassionally flashed the audience came on stage; and several village people covers ensued. The local youths were also throwing some impressive shapes in the front of the stage, I was hoping someone would do some tecktonik so I could show off my mad skillz but sadly no one did. Anyway I'm off to bleach my hair (again) to try and get it light enough to do lilac ombre - hope you enjoyed this post! xx
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