Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lilac Ombre Fail

I was tweeting recently about how I was attempting to do a coloured version of ombre, but it went a bit down the pothole as firstly I didn't bleach my hair blonde enough, and then put pastel pink dye over the top which turned my hair ORANGE! So to counter this I put lilac dye over the top and it ended up looking a bit strange. So then I spent a good few hours in the dead of night till 6 am bleaching my hair section by section (I have very thick hair) with foils till I got it as blonde as possible, then mixed lilac and pastel pink dye to get a pinky purple colour and then put all that on with foils...lets just say it took a long time!! This is what it looks like now:

I wanted the colour to be a lot brighter but I went through two boxes of bleach and still couldn't get my hair the platinum blonde colour it needs to be to 'take' the dye. Still I quite like the faded silvery/purple look but I think once the colour faded I'll go to the hair dressers and get it done properly!! xx

P.S Any True Blood fans reading? I'm wearing a Bon Temps football t-shirt my friend got me from the HBO webstore, I like to pretend it is Jason's I love it!


Unknown said...

Oh, I like it!!! It's a really pretty colour. Love the room too. Great blog hun. xx Milli
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Anonymous said...

A word of advice from a American Board Certified Haircolorist... This technique is best left to proffesionals. Best Wishes

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