Sunday 4 September 2011


 ...oddly phallic
 Rudey French postcards
 My new boyfriend I found poking out from underneath some leaves, it says we don't need no education underneath...maybe he's a pink floyd fan? No idea what the poster was for!
 I'm not sure what this animal was called, its not a beaver but it was adorable, it couldn't have cared less about people walking past, it was completely wild and let me squat down right by it to take a photo and just carried on digging away!
Creepy silence of the lambs moth that was the size of my palm

I got back from France on Sunday, after taking 3 trains and the underground in both Paris and London to get home...I got scammed by people at the station in Paris pretending to be collecting money for a children's hospital but then promptly ran away as soon as I gave them some money, I felt pretty stupid afterwards but also what a sick way to scam people! Anyway I had a lovely hol, enjoying the french food (apart from the lack of cheddar upset me greatly) and I went to a French market hence the sneaky photos. We also went to a sort of town event with live music one evening which was err interesting, it involved covers of dance music and general top 40 stuff and then some backing dancers, a man dressed as a crocodile and another guy guy who occassionally flashed the audience came on stage; and several village people covers ensued. The local youths were also throwing some impressive shapes in the front of the stage, I was hoping someone would do some tecktonik so I could show off my mad skillz but sadly no one did. Anyway I'm off to bleach my hair (again) to try and get it light enough to do lilac ombre - hope you enjoyed this post! xx

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