Friday 26 August 2011

Tutorial: Gaga rhinestone beauty spot

So recently in the Judas video and just in her general wear (I may or may not religiously stalk, I highly recommend them to any Gaga fan), Gaga has been sporting a rhinestone beauty spot. And as I am just waiting for my Shepherd's Pie to finish cooking I thought I'd write up a quick fun tutorial on how to achieve this look without the aid of Val Garland or sexy Nicola Formichetti...

1) Apply a circle of liquid eyeliner slightly bigger than the rhinestone and let it dry.
2) Apply a dot of eyelash glue in the center of the eyeliner spot and allow to go tacky.
3) Stick the rhinestone down so there is a ring of black around it.
Et voila!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I'm actually off on a family holiday to France for the week on Saturday so may not be blogging, although I'm taking my laptop with me, I may not be able to get online as the internet nazis (my parents) will be in full force. In case you didn't know my internet hours are limited from 10am-11pm each day, which I'm sure is an infringement of my human rights...something to do with making sure I sleep and get work done. Anyway I'll stop rambling now. xx


Imogen said...

It looks exactly the same, great job and really fun. Have a fun time in France, I'm sure it will be amazing!

Michelle Loreto said...

Great job on this tutorial!

x Michelle |

Winnie said...

Your make up is really beautiful! Hope you have fun on holiday with your parents, please take lots of photos!

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