Tuesday 16 August 2011

Flashing lights

Trophy jacket - Bintage - Tank - Topshop - Shoes - Ebay - Necklace - New Look

This look is the only time I think my blog's namesake has ever been in an outfit, my jacket is absolutely covered in sequins and beads! This is purely for blog purposes as I'm too scared to wear this jacket out, it was my Grandmother's and is so beautiful. Its very heavy to wear thanks to all the embellishments, and I'm terrified of loosening the stitching or anything so it stays in my wardrobe along with some other amazing vintage pieces I have of hers (such as this metallic pink/purple 80s ball dress I showed here). Is anyone else pissing themselves about A level results this thurs? I'm beginning to die a little inside at the thought of them!! xx 

P.S I have a lookbook here, still kind of figuring out to use it, if you have it also let me know and I will fan/add you?!


Unknown said...

So pretty otfit! ^^

Eloise said...

good luck with the results!
And that jacket is stunning! I wish my Nanna would give me things like this!

Unknown said...

That jacket is amazing! And how did you manage to find these fantastic shoes on ebay? I never find the good things on ebay :(

fritha louise said...

Wow that jacket is incredible! I'm jealous!

Erin said...

Wow what an amazing jacket!
Hope you got the results you were hoping for x

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