Tuesday 28 January 2014

FOTD #22 | Citizen of Atlantis/dark mermaid make up


Hairband - Topshop - Dress - Romwe

Face: Flatback pearls, lilac face paint, scar wax and liquid latex all off Ebay
Eyes/Brows/Contouring: MAC pigment in lavender, MAC Liquidlast liner, Accessorize With Love palette, Kimberly Girls Aloud Eyelure false lashes, MAC pressed powder

Just a casual look I wore to pop to the shops the other day. Not really - I went to an Atlantis/Lost city themed party and decided to go all out. I used lilac face paint to coat any exposed skin and used scar wax and liquid latex to build up interesting details on my forehead and cheek hollows and create gills on my neck. The scar wax didn't work out like I thought it would, I microwaved it to soften it and did it for too long so it was uber gloopy. It still kind of worked but my gills weren't as detailed and had also all fallen off by the end of the night. Sexy. This was really fun to do though, and has kind of made me want a medusa piercing! xx

Friday 17 January 2014

Rings & Tings Jewellery


Claw ring £4.50 - c/o Rings & Tings
Eye Necklace £4 - c/o Rings & Tings
Zip earrings £4 - c/o Rings & Tings

The other day I was contacted by Rings & Tings and asked if I'd like to review some of their jewellery. I hadn't heard of the site before but they have some lovely stuff and are very well priced! Click here to check them out, they do clothing too.

I'm not really into gold (90% of my jewellery is silver), so I went for all silver, and there are some lovely pieces on the site. My favourite out the things I was sent is the claw ring which is gorgeous and also slightly larger (I have fat fingers) so I can wear it without getting it stuck! I also love that with a lot of their jewellery pieces you can choose gold/silver/vintage silver in the colouring, I went for vintage looking silver in the ring and eye necklace as I thing this gives a nicer effect. The earrings are lovely too, really simple and give off a punk-esque vibe. The only niggle I have with these is that they don't come with butterfly clips, only those rubber bits that normally keep the butterfly clips on in the packaging; which makes them a bit fiddly to put on.

Overall I'd definitely recommend checking Rings & Tings out! I'm in the middle of exam period at the moment so definitely won't be blogging much, however I got my hands on one of the Revlon balm stains and Rimmel Apocalips which I love and will be reviewing on le blog at some point. xx

Wednesday 8 January 2014

eBay silver stacking rings + crescent moon velvet choker ☾

 photo IMG_7665_zps606bc133.png
 photo IMG_7655_zps7344898a.jpg
 photo IMG_7662_zps3a21ffa8.jpg
 photo IMG_7657_zps27f76d22.jpg
 photo IMG_7664_zps4dcb7a60.jpg
Choker £3.89 -HERE
Rings £1.69 for 4 - HERE

I picked up these two off eBay recently (well, the choker was from my bf for Christmas) and I'm so happy with them, I love it when you find gems on eBay. Especially cheap ones. You can choose the ring sizes too (I went for 14mm, have fat fingers), and you can specify the length of the velvet of the choker - sadly I forgot to measure my neck beforehand but I've popped a couple of stitches in the velvet at the back to make it tighter and it's fine. The quality of the moon charm is amazing too, been watching a lot of sailor moon recently to help my Japanese so this is Usagi inspired! Have you found any good things on eBay recently? xx

Monday 6 January 2014

What I've been up to | Instagram

 photo 2_zpsf30514ed.jpg
Lilac curls / Bonfire night / Veggie sausages and mustard mash / My little pony tee / Ate these in one go / Picked up a load of cute hello kitty cups
 photo 21_zps689689b9.jpg
Sailor moon marathon / American style takeaway box / Queens of the stone age wristbands / My first pint of beer / Cute earrings I picked up / Wah inspired comic book mani
 photo 22_zps87bc3f82.jpg
Stuffed peppers / Mermaid waves / Housemate made some amazing soup / Housemate did ma nails / Uni house Christmas meal starter / And the main event
 photo 24_zps8a0a0ff6.jpg
Quattro Stagioni at Zizzi's / From the FOTD below! / Xmas pressies from my bestie / Cute cake decorations / Tequilaa / Raspberries in raspberry vodka
 photo 23_zpse35114a3.jpg
Went Ribena purple / Nandos (got 100 notes on tumblr wat) / Train lunch / OOTD / Silver and gold crackle mani / Home cooked seafood risotto

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and New Year, I was rubbish taking photos of anything so no end of year type posts from me. I don't think I took enough outfit pictures to justify a years summary of those either XD

I know I don't post that often these days, but I am very active on Instagram since upgrading to an Iphone from a crappy blackberry - so please follow me on instagram if you want to receive more regular updates from me ^^

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