Tuesday 28 January 2014

FOTD #22 | Citizen of Atlantis/dark mermaid make up


Hairband - Topshop - Dress - Romwe

Face: Flatback pearls, lilac face paint, scar wax and liquid latex all off Ebay
Eyes/Brows/Contouring: MAC pigment in lavender, MAC Liquidlast liner, Accessorize With Love palette, Kimberly Girls Aloud Eyelure false lashes, MAC pressed powder

Just a casual look I wore to pop to the shops the other day. Not really - I went to an Atlantis/Lost city themed party and decided to go all out. I used lilac face paint to coat any exposed skin and used scar wax and liquid latex to build up interesting details on my forehead and cheek hollows and create gills on my neck. The scar wax didn't work out like I thought it would, I microwaved it to soften it and did it for too long so it was uber gloopy. It still kind of worked but my gills weren't as detailed and had also all fallen off by the end of the night. Sexy. This was really fun to do though, and has kind of made me want a medusa piercing! xx

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