Friday 17 January 2014

Rings & Tings Jewellery


Claw ring £4.50 - c/o Rings & Tings
Eye Necklace £4 - c/o Rings & Tings
Zip earrings £4 - c/o Rings & Tings

The other day I was contacted by Rings & Tings and asked if I'd like to review some of their jewellery. I hadn't heard of the site before but they have some lovely stuff and are very well priced! Click here to check them out, they do clothing too.

I'm not really into gold (90% of my jewellery is silver), so I went for all silver, and there are some lovely pieces on the site. My favourite out the things I was sent is the claw ring which is gorgeous and also slightly larger (I have fat fingers) so I can wear it without getting it stuck! I also love that with a lot of their jewellery pieces you can choose gold/silver/vintage silver in the colouring, I went for vintage looking silver in the ring and eye necklace as I thing this gives a nicer effect. The earrings are lovely too, really simple and give off a punk-esque vibe. The only niggle I have with these is that they don't come with butterfly clips, only those rubber bits that normally keep the butterfly clips on in the packaging; which makes them a bit fiddly to put on.

Overall I'd definitely recommend checking Rings & Tings out! I'm in the middle of exam period at the moment so definitely won't be blogging much, however I got my hands on one of the Revlon balm stains and Rimmel Apocalips which I love and will be reviewing on le blog at some point. xx
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