Monday 17 April 2017

Tokyo Neon - a photoshoot under the neon lights of Kichijouji, Tokyo



Wednesday 5 April 2017

How much does your daily face of make up cost?

I was having a stalk of my own blog the other day and amongst the posts where I was at the height of my Japan obsession (click on my circa 2010/11 posts and revel in the cringe), I did a post where I totalled up the cost of my daily 'face'. Back in 2011 the cost of all my make up that was creating my daily look was £123.04. Of course, if you wanted to be really clever you could estimate how long each product probably lasts for and work out a cost per day for your daily face - but that would take time, effort and maths. And no one wants that.

So 6 years later (click here to see what 18 year old me wore) I thought I'd do an update of what my face is costing me now.

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