Wednesday 4 May 2011

Gyaru transformation fun #2 ✰

The other evening I was really bored so I decided to try out gyaru style make up again:

I used different lashes this time, the top ones were off Ebay and the bottom lashes are Dolly Wink pure little which I still need to review!
I also attempted a nose stripe, any gyaru who read this will probably piss themselves laughing at my shoddy attempt. I thinking I did better my first attempt at gyaru make up! I still epically fail at putting on false eyelashes...
Classy mirror shots of an attempted gyaru-esque outfit

I've been thinking more about Gyaru style and whether its something I would like to get into more, but as much as love aspects of it like the decoden, nail art, hair, make up and para para I don't love the actual clothing, as from what I've gathered reading gal blogs and Gyaru secrets (think the gyaru version of the infamous style blog fuck up) it seems it can get cliquey and a little bitchy with gal circles (I don't understand why you have to be in a group and 'graduate' from it to follow a certain goths have goth circles lol?!). My opinions about it are probably very ignorant considering I'm not gyaru, feel free to correct me!


Winnie said...

I really love checking out Gyaru blogs but it's more out of curiosity than anything. The make up and clothes aren't really me but there are definitely some aspects that you can take inspiration from. I know what you mean about cliques and bitchiness. I guess it's an unfortunately aspect of the blogosphere.

Imogen said...

Great style, I always find it interesting to see what you try out on your blog. Love your bag in this picture as well.

fritha louise said...

I love gyaru make-up. I've been reading a few gyaru blogs now and then cause it's quite interesting, but I'm with you in that I'm not so keen on the clothing. I love the make-up and hair though, can't wait to get home in the summer back to my massive false eyelash stash! You'll get the hang of putting them on eventually by the way. I was so crap at it for ages but then one day it clicked. Good glue definitely helps though, I love the Ardell false lash glue, it's amazing.

Victoria said...

I'm obviously going to sound really thick now, but I've never heard of gyaru, I kinda have an idea in my head now though from this post, although I could be completely off the mark I think you look fab lady! xxx

Summer said...

Ohmygosh, this is so funny :) You make a great gyaru <3

Anonymous said...

I think you could use more eyeliner :)

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