Monday 28 July 2014

ME Makeover Essentials - make up scam? | Review

So I recently was given this lipgloss set as a belated birthday present, and I was pretty sure as soon as I saw the packaging that it was pretty cheap make up. Either way I googled the brand as I'd never heard of them before, and immediately popped up with a load of quite worrying results.



From literally a bit of light googling you can find out that the make up is produced in China, packaged in America and is being sold in the UK on market stalls or door to door selling under the guise of being 'MAC and Bobbi Brown esque high end make up, about to be sold in department stores later this year'. I found a lot of blog posts (worryingly) where bloggers were told they got £150 worth of make up for £30 when in fact the make up is very very cheaply made, I found THIS post by someone who used to work for the company describing the selling tactics used to sell this make up.








I thought I'd swatch these anyways in case there were some good 'uns (there weren't), but it's basically cheap, sticky, unpigmented lipgloss. I thought after I found all these pretty bad reports (and reviews of bad reactions to the make up etc which is even more worrying), it would be worth there to be one more blog post warning people. I can understand to make up lovers being offered something apparently on par with MAC quality for so cheap seems like it's too good to be true - and as is with most cases, it is. If you take a look on their website it's shocking how much they're selling the products for, it seems like they're relying on extremely good selling techniques and it's working.

A couple of giveaways that it's not MAC quality: the packaging, the colour array (very similar colours, little variation), the smell, the fact the glosses are 'sticky', the pigmentation (or lack of) and the ingredients (contain parabens). Just a heads up guys, trust your make up instincts! xx


Friday 25 July 2014

My blogging deskspace








So a lot of the time bloggers use their desks as backgrounds for blog post photos, and I always find it interesting as I think they give a lot of personality to photos. Also for the professional blogger it's also a workplace, I think they say a lot about the personality of the blogger! Anyways, I thought I'd share my blogging area. No glistening white surfaces or fresh peonies in a vase here, just my desk I've had for 10 years which is covered in stickers. However I do think my blogging space is quite colourful!

At the moment I'm thinking about things I want to get for my new room when we move house, definitely more fake flowers, I'm thinking fake rainbow coloured roses and taking inspo from my bestie and getting some faux vines to put around the room. Expect some home inspo posts soon! xx


Sunday 20 July 2014

What's in my make up bag? ♥




Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H in 005 // MAC Blot Powder Pressed in Medium // Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Light Bisque // Benefit the Porefessional // MAC Select Moisturecover concealer in NW15 // Sleek Contour Kit in Light 

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers // Soap&Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner // Rimmel London Colour Rush eyeshadow in Smokey Quartz // Forever 21 demi lashes // Urban Decay Primer Potion // MAC Liquidlast // L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Midnight Blacks mascara

HD Brow Palette // Constance Carroll Eyebrow pencil

Rimmel London Apocalips in Nova // Topshop Lipstick in Whimsical // Lush lipbalm in Honey Trap

Real Techniques powder brush // Sigma F80 foundation brush // Lancome eyeshadow brush // Lancome blush brush (used for bronzer)

So recently I went away for one night and took my make up with me in my new spangly make up bag, and I realised I've never done this sort of post before! This isn't my everyday make up but the things I turn to most and are currently in my make up bag, I'm actually going to switch this foundation out soon as it's just too heavy for summer! xx


Friday 18 July 2014

HiCustom tumblr mermaid t-shirt, daisy choker | Outfit


T-shirt - c/o HiCustom
Choker - Miss Selfridge
Shorts - River Island
Cycling shorts - eBay
Heart sunglasses - eBay

I look pretty bleh in these photos as I met up with some friends in town the day I wore this, and it was SO hot. I always forget it is a major mistake to go into your local town on a Saturday unless you like crowds! I literally had to battle my way up the high street due to the sheer amounts of tourists and shoppers, and by the end of the day I couldn't wait to take my make up off, it had practically melted off my face and I was ridicuously red and flustered! Besides the heat and crowds however, I did get to wear this cute t-shirt that HiCustom very kindly gave me the credit to make. They're one of those print your own design on t-shirt/phone case/etc etc websites, and although it took a little while to get here I'm super impressed with the printing quality, and any questions I had were replied to very quickly.

If anyone has any recommendations for good high waisted denim shorts let me now, I have to wear cycling shorts with these ones because otherwise my *ahem* derriere cheeks are exposed, they ride up like nobody's business! xx

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Super easy floral nail art for summer | Tutorial









Bourjois colour block 6 mini nail enamels - c/o Click Fragrance
Top and bottom coat - Sally Hansen
Dotting tool - eBay

Hi guys! I haven't done any nail art for while and gave them a trim and a good file (trying to get all of them to that elusive more rounded stiletto shape, but I'm shit at filing), so thought it was a perfect opportunity to do some summery nails. All the polishes asides from base and top coat are these Bourjois minis I was sent by Click Fragrance, I've never seen mini versions of Bourjois' polishes before but how cute are these?? Plus I'm loving that lime green, think that'll definitely be a colour I'll be wearing next! xx

Monday 14 July 2014

Clueless inspired Boohoo pink tartan mini skirt | Outfit




This is the pink Clueless-esque mini skirt I spoke about in a previous post, how cute is it? I got the same skirt in black and white too but the fit on it was awful although it was in the same size...also this one doesn't have a great fit either but the design is so cute and it was only £6! I wore this to go shopping with friends, picked up some really cute things from Topshop with a belated birthday voucher, including a crazy purple holographic make up bag and a mood stone choker which looks really 80s - can't wait to wear it!

I got some exciting news recently that my family is selling up and moving to a house near the coast the end of this summer, I can't wait! Mainly because the internet speeds in the new house are fab. I complain a lot on my twitter about this but my internet speed at home is under 1MB download speed. That means I can't watch a youtube video basically, and the only way streaming something like Game of Thrones works is if no one else in the house, and I leave it to buffer for around 3 hours. And as an internet addict this is super hard to cope with (I've often told my parents it is a human rights infringement), so I will be able to be a lot more active bloggy wise from the future, to be able to load pages instantly is going to be revolutionary for me haha! xx

Saturday 12 July 2014

Tumblr mermaid clothing and acessories | Wishlist

1 // Tatty Devine // 2 // Romwe // 3 // Topshop // 4 // Etsy // 5 // Amazon // 6 // Romwe // 7 // Mermaid in England

I found the Tatty Devine earrings and they inspired me to hunt for some mermaid-y pieces! I'm not gonna lie there's a serious chance I may end up buying all some of these items, especially the two piece and the shell crop top. Also, if you didn't think the rainbow bikini was cute enough, it's actually white but turns rainbow in water! This is very 'tumblr mermaid' inspired, think pastel hair, metallics, holographics, shells, pearls and scale prints. The Botticelli print sweatshirt I suppose doesn't apply to this but tbh there's nothing more mermadic than rising from the waves on a shell is there? xx

Thursday 10 July 2014

FOTD #30 | Heavy contouring with Sleek




Sleek contour kit in Light, Soap&Glory Supercat liner, Topshop lipstick in The Damned

This sleek palette is one of the best beauty related purchases I've ever bought! Before I bought this, my idea of contouring was finding various brown shimmery eyeshadows I had or orange-toned bronzers and using them as contour shades. Not good! This Sleek palette comes in three shades for your skin tone (I went for Light), and is super matte and easy to use. I'm not really one for highlighting but the highlight shade that comes with it is pretty good too. The more I experiment with contouring, the more I like it. From pictures I see of myself with contouring on nights out, I see a massive difference to ones where I hadn't bothered.

I find particularly it makes a massive difference to my nose, even if you don't shade the sides of your nose, shadowing the point where your eyebrows meet the very to of the bridge of your nose will make the width appear reduced. What do you guys think of contouring? Do you have any product recommendations for contour shades? xx

Tuesday 8 July 2014

ASOS lip print boxy shirt, Boohoo sandals | Outfit






Shirt - Asos
Jeans - Topshop
Sandals - Boohoo

Hey guys! This look features two new bits and pieces I picked up in the sales recently. I had a birthday ASOS voucher from my lovely housemates which I got the shirt with, it's pretty airy and not too sheer so prefect for summer; and I love all the clashing colours in the print. The sandals were the only reason I placed an order with Boohoo, I've been looking for the perfect 90s style chunky black sandal and I think these may be the one! I'm wearing them around the house to check they don't blister me but they've been pretty good so far, think they're a keeper! Asides from the sandals I'm a bit disappointed in the quality of the other stuff I got from Boohoo but despite the cheap material I did get a really cute Clueless inspired pink tartan mini skirt which will no doubt be featured in an outfit post soon. Hope everyone's having a good week! xx

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