Tuesday 8 July 2014

ASOS lip print boxy shirt, Boohoo sandals | Outfit






Shirt - Asos
Jeans - Topshop
Sandals - Boohoo

Hey guys! This look features two new bits and pieces I picked up in the sales recently. I had a birthday ASOS voucher from my lovely housemates which I got the shirt with, it's pretty airy and not too sheer so prefect for summer; and I love all the clashing colours in the print. The sandals were the only reason I placed an order with Boohoo, I've been looking for the perfect 90s style chunky black sandal and I think these may be the one! I'm wearing them around the house to check they don't blister me but they've been pretty good so far, think they're a keeper! Asides from the sandals I'm a bit disappointed in the quality of the other stuff I got from Boohoo but despite the cheap material I did get a really cute Clueless inspired pink tartan mini skirt which will no doubt be featured in an outfit post soon. Hope everyone's having a good week! xx



Becky Bell said...

I seriously love that shirt! It looks great on you :D

Mira Devils said...

Adorable look. I love that shirt and the cool sandals. Can't wait to see the pink skirt you got.


Sadie said...

Love that shirt and the sandals! I've never ordered from Boohoo before because I've heard the quality isn't great but really like those shoes :) xx


Sami said...

Awesome outfit, I love the print of the shirt!


Sara Nielsen said...

I really, really like you hair. Wow, I'm in love. I've been thinking about getting either this kind of lilac hair or dying it soft pink, but I can't really decide what dye to use and how much I'll need! What dye do you use and how much do you use for the length of your hair? Really pretty outfit by the way!


Georgie said...

Thank you! I really don't use much dye at all as I dilute it with a lot of conditioner to get a lilac/mid purple, which is the same thing you can do with all pastel colours. So really if you have long hair like me you only need one pot of dye and one large bottle of conditioner! Hope I helped xx

Sara Nielsen said...

So you just mix it with regular conditioner, that you also use for you normal hair? Because I thought that you needed to mix it with a special kind of dye, that made the color lighter.. And thank you for answering! xx

Georgie said...

Yes literally just normal conditioner and then a dollop of the dye til it gets to the colour you want, it is good to use intensive conditioner though as you probably will have bleached your hair just before. It's like a hair mask while you dye that way :) And you're welcome!

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