Monday 28 July 2014

ME Makeover Essentials - make up scam? | Review

So I recently was given this lipgloss set as a belated birthday present, and I was pretty sure as soon as I saw the packaging that it was pretty cheap make up. Either way I googled the brand as I'd never heard of them before, and immediately popped up with a load of quite worrying results.



From literally a bit of light googling you can find out that the make up is produced in China, packaged in America and is being sold in the UK on market stalls or door to door selling under the guise of being 'MAC and Bobbi Brown esque high end make up, about to be sold in department stores later this year'. I found a lot of blog posts (worryingly) where bloggers were told they got £150 worth of make up for £30 when in fact the make up is very very cheaply made, I found THIS post by someone who used to work for the company describing the selling tactics used to sell this make up.








I thought I'd swatch these anyways in case there were some good 'uns (there weren't), but it's basically cheap, sticky, unpigmented lipgloss. I thought after I found all these pretty bad reports (and reviews of bad reactions to the make up etc which is even more worrying), it would be worth there to be one more blog post warning people. I can understand to make up lovers being offered something apparently on par with MAC quality for so cheap seems like it's too good to be true - and as is with most cases, it is. If you take a look on their website it's shocking how much they're selling the products for, it seems like they're relying on extremely good selling techniques and it's working.

A couple of giveaways that it's not MAC quality: the packaging, the colour array (very similar colours, little variation), the smell, the fact the glosses are 'sticky', the pigmentation (or lack of) and the ingredients (contain parabens). Just a heads up guys, trust your make up instincts! xx



Sami said...

Thanks for the post and for the swatches too, I will keep my eyes peeled for these sneaky people :O


Lucia Mascotelli said...

Seeing some swatches is always best! you really show how the products turn out to be :)

Mathilde Julie said...

Thank you for the warning! Even though I don't buy a lot of make up, it's always good to know what I should avoid!


Georgie said...

That's why I love beauty blogs, I like to be able to see what a product actually looks like on a real person :)

Georgie said...

You're welcome!

Eilidh said...

oh this is awful! Ill definitely watch out for this products

Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

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