Monday 14 July 2014

Clueless inspired Boohoo pink tartan mini skirt | Outfit




This is the pink Clueless-esque mini skirt I spoke about in a previous post, how cute is it? I got the same skirt in black and white too but the fit on it was awful although it was in the same size...also this one doesn't have a great fit either but the design is so cute and it was only £6! I wore this to go shopping with friends, picked up some really cute things from Topshop with a belated birthday voucher, including a crazy purple holographic make up bag and a mood stone choker which looks really 80s - can't wait to wear it!

I got some exciting news recently that my family is selling up and moving to a house near the coast the end of this summer, I can't wait! Mainly because the internet speeds in the new house are fab. I complain a lot on my twitter about this but my internet speed at home is under 1MB download speed. That means I can't watch a youtube video basically, and the only way streaming something like Game of Thrones works is if no one else in the house, and I leave it to buffer for around 3 hours. And as an internet addict this is super hard to cope with (I've often told my parents it is a human rights infringement), so I will be able to be a lot more active bloggy wise from the future, to be able to load pages instantly is going to be revolutionary for me haha! xx


Emily Tang said...

hmm sorry to tell you that aft refreshing for numerous times
I still cant see your pictures :(
anyway happy for you that you going to move to a new house


Georgie said...

I've checked on a different device and I can view the pictures on there too, I think Flickr may have been having problems earlier! I hope you can see them now :)

EmmaM147 said...

What a gorgeous skirt!

Emma x


Rachel, trés beans said...

georgie, i love your hair! your necklace reminds me of sailor moon :)

TheStyleRawr said...

Cher would be so proud of you! As soon as I saw this look I thought of Clueless. That skirt is awesome!

Tara x

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