Saturday 26 February 2011

I'm the glass you break to touch

Listening to...IAMX - Destroying Angel
Jumper - Vintage - Dress - Topshop - Tights - New Look - Bag & Boots - Ebay

Yay another outfit post! I nearly threw my camera at the wall as for some reason it is starting to to only take photos blurred on self timer and my blog photographer (younger brother) now refuses to take outfit photos unless I pay him grrrrr. I wore this out to see True Grit and have a pizza with some friends today, hoping it would be a lovely spring day but no it was bloody cold as usual, howevs True Grit was brilliant and at times unintentionally hilarious I would recommend you go see it! The satchel is my new baby, although the first time I bought it off Ebay I was walking to school like 'ooh look at me with my snazzy new bag' and then the satchel strap snapped and fell off my shoulder onto the ground XD fml! So one tersely written email to seller later and they sent me a replacement which hasn't broken yet thank god! Will get another post up soonish, off to reply to the lovely comments on the hair tutorial post :)


Sunday 20 February 2011

Bloglovin' ♥

Hi guys, just a quick post to say I've just set up a Bloglovin' account, if you like click the link below to follow me and I shall set up a sidebar widget for it in a sec!


How to: Alexander Wang pastel plait

I've been seeing a lot of pastel hair inspiration around recently, especially in Topshop's styling, where the models have streaks of pastel greens and blues in their hair. My new favourite quick hair style is an Alexander Wang inspired messy plait, which is so easy to do and looks chic even when its messy! So here is a tutorial on how to combine both pastel hair (without any dye) and the side plait.

You will need: Clip in hair streaks (I bought mine on Ebay), and a small hair tie/elastic band.
First put your hair down and brush through so it isn't knotty.
Brush your hair to one side.
Lift up sections of your hair (only over the side you have brushed your hair), and clip the hair streaks underneath so you can't see the clip.
Continue adding hair streaks in the same or different colours (I put it quite a few as my hair is so thick too few hair streaks aren't visible XD)
Once you have finished adding the hair streaks, plait your hair. It doesn't matter if the plait is messy, the ones Alexander Wang used on the catwalk were chunky and loose with flyaways on the crown, so the messier the better!
Tie the bottom with a small hair band.
Et voila, and interesting variation on the Alexander Wang side plait!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


Friday 18 February 2011

I smoke what you sigh

Listening to: Somebody mixed my medicine by the Pretty Reckless (I dislike Taylor Momsen though...)

Dress - Topshop - Cardi - New Look - Boots - Ebay - Necklaces - Ebay/IDK

This is my new Topshop peter pan dress which I nabbed in the sale for just £12 and I'm so happy with it! Technically it is a tunic though and hella short so I'm wearing both a bandage skirt and cycling shorts (which are life savers with how short high street hems are these days) underneath.

My blog photographer (my younger brother) is being a wanker and refusing to take outfit photos so I have to rely on propping my terrible camera up on my dressmaker's dummy and using the self timer - hence the bluriness and strange angles!

Also these are my new bottines, I laaav them, although it has been pointed out to me that I already have them in the non- ankle boot version.
This is my boot collection now! I think I am become quite a shoe person which is alarming to my bank balance; I have cream and tan coloured brogues and I'm now thinking I need a black pair to complete my collection?!

Today I broke up for half term at 12ish so spent the rest of the day hanging out with my bezzies, watching TV and eating fish and chips, I feel so ill now!! Anyways I will try and blog more now I have a week off, I plan to do a hair tutorial next.


Monday 14 February 2011

Pink to make the boys wink

Sorry I know I haven't done an outfit post in an age! I really want to start wearing skirts and dresses again but part of my commute to school is walking and it is still sooo cold in the mornings, and I have a shortage of thick tights + freezing windy morning = very cold Georgie. Thus I am in jeans with my beloved Zara tan pixie boots with about a hundred layers on my top half pretty much every day, not very interesting for an outfit post! However I think it may have warmed up slightly today so fingers crossed maybe I can go wild and not wear a vest soon.
Sweatshirt - Vintage - Headscarf - Vintage - Necklace - Urban Outfitters - Earrings - Topshop - Satchel - New Look
Make up: Mac Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, Rimmel smokey quartz eyeshadow, No7 Extreme length mascara

And these were my nails, they didn't last long though as I seem to have compulsion to pick rhinestones off whenever I use them on my nails :/

Also I had fun with the blog layout yesterday, it needed a change so voila! However I'm not sure whether the background has that kinda optical illusion effect as it was making me feel slightly dizzy yesterday, does it hurt your eyes or not?! Please give your honest opinion!


Friday 11 February 2011

Finally Friday #10

 Snazzy Ipod Touch case - Ebay

1) This is just an excuse to show off my new Hello Kitty Itouch case, its so shiny and its Hello Kitty! Of course I didn't deco this myself, I have made a case which I may show here but its pretty meh.
2) My favourite band, The White Stripes, broke up last Wednesday. I've loved them since I was about 13 and have all their albums bar two. Jack White still has two other bands (the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather) but it kills me I'll never see The White Stripes live! :( I'm going to do a White Stripes pic spam later this week, I miss them soooo.
3) In other music related shennanigans, Gaga's single off her new album (Born this way) came out today *fangirl squeeee* and I love it! It totally sums up what she stands for in championing anyone who has felt caged by society in whatever way. In fact we bloggers can take a lot of inspiration in being more adventureous with what we wear, so if you'll excuse me I'm off to whip up a dress from empty Tesco Danish Whirl boxes - toodles!



Sunday 6 February 2011

Coloured Mascaras Review ♥

I've been looking for more ways to make my everyday make up more creative yet still quick as I don't have much time to get ready in the mornings, so coloured mascara seems like a good idea. I picked up these two the other day and decided to review them for you guys.

Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in teal and Barry M Electric Purple Lengthening Mascara

First up is the Barry M mascara:


Barry M always draws me in because of the arrange of colours, I can't usually pass the Barry M section in Boots without leaving without a nail polish or two; even though their products aren't that brilliant quality. Firstly, for Barry M the packaging is fairly dissapointing and plain, although the colour of the tube is similar to the actual Mascara to give them credit. The wand shape is fairly bog standard and I can't say it really gives much lengthening effect unless you load on several coats of the mascara which results in clumpy lashes (which has a thick, sticky consistency that makes it difficult to take off), I used eyelash curlers as well as the mascara to get the result below. Most dissapointing is the colour though, which on the tube is claimed to be 'electric purple', this is definately not electric purple more of a plum colour which is only noticeable very close up. Also it is fairly expensive at £5.19...I'd say avoid this one! However I have read some good reviews for the blue version so that may be worth a go.
Price 3/5
Packaging 2/5
Wand 3/5
Colour 1/5
Lengthening 2/5

Secondly is the Collection 2000 masara:


Again the main problem with this product is that the colour description is wrong, this mascara is not teal it is turquoise! The wand is smaller than the Barry M one and has less grip on the lashes but it still coated them more easily and with more lash definition. It also has a much more noticeable colour, better consistency and legthening effect in my opinion. Plus the packaging is much more snazzy, and its only £2.99, much cheaper than the Barry M mascara. Verdict: Do want more coloured mascara from Collection 2000!

Price 5/5
Packaging 4/5
Wand 3/5
Colour 4/5
Lengthening 3/5

What is your opinion on coloured mascara: yay or nay?



Tuesday 1 February 2011

Trend Crush ♥ Galaxy Prints

I know I am bit behind on this trend, but I found a dress in the wishlist below on Ebay the other day and some further googling of galaxy photos and rummaging on the Hubble Telescope website brought up lots of pretty pictures, and we bloggers love those so thought I'd share:

(Dress far left is by Oasis, far right is Christopher Kane)
 Images taken from Google, collage by mee 

My galaxy water marbled nails at the moment, I showed them to the 5 year old boy I babysit to distract him and he looked amazed and went 'they're beautiful!' haha so cute XD


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