Sunday 6 February 2011

Coloured Mascaras Review ♥

I've been looking for more ways to make my everyday make up more creative yet still quick as I don't have much time to get ready in the mornings, so coloured mascara seems like a good idea. I picked up these two the other day and decided to review them for you guys.

Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in teal and Barry M Electric Purple Lengthening Mascara

First up is the Barry M mascara:


Barry M always draws me in because of the arrange of colours, I can't usually pass the Barry M section in Boots without leaving without a nail polish or two; even though their products aren't that brilliant quality. Firstly, for Barry M the packaging is fairly dissapointing and plain, although the colour of the tube is similar to the actual Mascara to give them credit. The wand shape is fairly bog standard and I can't say it really gives much lengthening effect unless you load on several coats of the mascara which results in clumpy lashes (which has a thick, sticky consistency that makes it difficult to take off), I used eyelash curlers as well as the mascara to get the result below. Most dissapointing is the colour though, which on the tube is claimed to be 'electric purple', this is definately not electric purple more of a plum colour which is only noticeable very close up. Also it is fairly expensive at £5.19...I'd say avoid this one! However I have read some good reviews for the blue version so that may be worth a go.
Price 3/5
Packaging 2/5
Wand 3/5
Colour 1/5
Lengthening 2/5

Secondly is the Collection 2000 masara:


Again the main problem with this product is that the colour description is wrong, this mascara is not teal it is turquoise! The wand is smaller than the Barry M one and has less grip on the lashes but it still coated them more easily and with more lash definition. It also has a much more noticeable colour, better consistency and legthening effect in my opinion. Plus the packaging is much more snazzy, and its only £2.99, much cheaper than the Barry M mascara. Verdict: Do want more coloured mascara from Collection 2000!

Price 5/5
Packaging 4/5
Wand 3/5
Colour 4/5
Lengthening 3/5

What is your opinion on coloured mascara: yay or nay?




Imogen said...

This is a really great post because I have wanted to know more about coloured mascara for awhile now. A few years ago one of my friends used an electric blue coloured mascara and I thought it looked really good. I adore the purple colour that you reviewed here.

Winnie said...

I've never been keen on coloured mascaras- only because I remember that I used to love my electric blue, 17 one when I was about 14. It was not a good look for me but I've definitely seen how coloured mascaras can work! Really interesting!

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