Sunday 20 February 2011

How to: Alexander Wang pastel plait

I've been seeing a lot of pastel hair inspiration around recently, especially in Topshop's styling, where the models have streaks of pastel greens and blues in their hair. My new favourite quick hair style is an Alexander Wang inspired messy plait, which is so easy to do and looks chic even when its messy! So here is a tutorial on how to combine both pastel hair (without any dye) and the side plait.

You will need: Clip in hair streaks (I bought mine on Ebay), and a small hair tie/elastic band.
First put your hair down and brush through so it isn't knotty.
Brush your hair to one side.
Lift up sections of your hair (only over the side you have brushed your hair), and clip the hair streaks underneath so you can't see the clip.
Continue adding hair streaks in the same or different colours (I put it quite a few as my hair is so thick too few hair streaks aren't visible XD)
Once you have finished adding the hair streaks, plait your hair. It doesn't matter if the plait is messy, the ones Alexander Wang used on the catwalk were chunky and loose with flyaways on the crown, so the messier the better!
Tie the bottom with a small hair band.
Et voila, and interesting variation on the Alexander Wang side plait!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



Reg Rodriguez said...

great tutorial! the colored hair is something i wanna try :)


Imogen said...

That looks amazing Georgie I am so impressed. I miss being able to plait my hair even though I'm overall pleased I cut it. I have wanted to try the clip in coloured hair pieces for so many years now.

April said...

whaaa i wanna do that! thanks for the tutorial! looks great :)

MJ said...

Such a great idea, but I can't think of any streak colour that would go with my hair! Sigh...

Amy Acorn said...

i love this so much! x

Cylia said...

lovely:) I might wanna try this during spring.

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