Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Trend Crush ♥ Galaxy Prints

I know I am bit behind on this trend, but I found a dress in the wishlist below on Ebay the other day and some further googling of galaxy photos and rummaging on the Hubble Telescope website brought up lots of pretty pictures, and we bloggers love those so thought I'd share:

(Dress far left is by Oasis, far right is Christopher Kane)
 Images taken from Google, collage by mee 

My galaxy water marbled nails at the moment, I showed them to the 5 year old boy I babysit to distract him and he looked amazed and went 'they're beautiful!' haha so cute XD




Louise said...

Georgous post!!! loving all the effort you put into this :) Also that galaxy print dress will be simply spectacular on you if you wear it at the ball XXX

Veermel. said...

great looking blog! <3
we love galaxy tooo. ;)


Pretty*Petite*Poppy said...

I'm obsessed with Galaxy print too! Have you seen Black Milk's Galaxy leggings? Check them out here http://prettypetitepoppy.blogspot.ie/2013/02/black-milk-leggings.html

Denise x

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