Sunday 30 June 2013

Recent hauls + update ✰

 photo n02_zpsfb978ddf.gif Primark  photo n06_zpsa9ee6dc6.gif

 photo Untitled-21_zpsc02e046d.png
Still not sure how to style the shirt on the left but the gradient is gorgeous!
 photo jhkh_zps1881b6ae.png
Jumper on the left is a dupe for the ones Topshop do but for a 1/3 of the price- score.

 photo 012_zps7cddb9f1.jpg

 photo n02_zpsfb978ddf.gif Missguided  photo n06_zpsa9ee6dc6.gif

 photo 062_zpsf4941231.png
 photo 059_zps61f02518.png
 photo 063_zps220c6b2d.png
Missguided have some really gorgey swimming costumes atm and they have padding as well to avoid any sudden nip nip emergence if it gets cold.
 photo 061_zpsc3cfb873.png

 photo tumblr_lmrx6uUvu41qcfn0j_zps95bbe387.gifHey guys! It's been an age since I've done a sort of catch uppy post, just to warn you I feel a bit of a ramble coming on.

☆ I finished my first year of University! Well, technically. I haven't actually received my results yet (and I'm crapping myself about my Japanese language exam result), but ya know I survived a year at uni after being so scared at the beginning; and I managed to make friends and even met quite a nice boy back in March. It's been an amazing year. Got some posts drafted on pre-university tips (i.e stuff to bring etc) too which I will post closer to the time when people get their A Level results and start doing the big IKEA shop etc.

Sequins and Beads is 4 years old in July!! Dat shit cray. I went to my first blog related event a month ago which was nerve wracking for me but I met some lovely bloggers and I'd definitely like to attend more! I want to work on improving the blog as well, mine hasn't progressed as quickly as others who have blogged for the same length of time but I definitely notice more people visiting etc when I blog harder so I'll be keeping that up ^^

☆ I'm going to Italy for the first time today! I work as a nanny/au pair type person and I'm going on holiday with a family to help them with the children. I'm uber excited, although I know zilch Italian apart from per favore/grazie/bonjourno. Hopefully I find someone who speaks English/French/Japanese if I get lost or I am literally buggered. Posts are scheduled from this point on as I'm not sure whether there will be wifi in the hotel  photo i01_zps4521e27c.gif

Speak soon beeches xx

 photo APDivider9_zps1b02c074.gif


Saturday 29 June 2013

Pearl of the Stars

 photo Untitled_zpsadace5a5.png
 photo 1_zpsa725d2c7.png
Hat - Vintage - Top - Missguided - Leggings - Missguided - Shoes - Zara - Earrings - Primark

This look is not something that is normally very 'me' style wise, but I was playing around with this hat and quite liked this look. The earrings are so tacky but the green goes perfectly with my hair at the moment so I had to get them obvs. The title of the song is from a Coheed & Cambria song,  which is a beautiful epic love song (I mean epic in terms of triumphant guitar solos than 'mate thatz epic lol'). I went to go see them live a while back and they are incredible. 

I know music recommendations can be a bit annoying on blogs, but if you like progressive rock/metal this is such a great band. All their albums are concept albums which tell a science-fiction story, and they've also been made into comic books. Plus the lead singer Claudio can play the guitar with his teeth. Pretty cool eh? xx

 photo tumblr_lmlx9f_XCG01qdzasfo1_250_zpse999fc5b.gif

Friday 28 June 2013

How to style midi skirts for summer ♥

I've been picking up a lot of midi skirts recently and I've found they are unbelievably easy to throw on during summer, and easily dressed up/down. They also mean you don't have to show a lot of leg or bother with shaving your legs (not that you need to however), yet they still keep you cool providing the material is nice and floaty.

Anyhoo here are some ideas on how to style patterned and plain midis in summer, enjoy! ♥ 


 photo 002_zps93897fc2.png
Skirt - Vintage

 photo Untitled_zps3b144101.png
Crop - Topshop - Cami - Missguided - T-shirt - Zara - Off Shoulder - New Look


 photo 2_zps56a62357.png
Skirt - River Island

 photo 1_zps75c55ccb.png
Crop - Primark - Cami - Vintage - T-shirt - Zara - Off shoulder - New Look

Hope this was useful! Realised I haven't done any fashion-y/style type posts for ages to spent the whole of yesterday taking outfit posts for le blog. Getting back into this blogging lark! xx

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Zara Trafaluc Holographic Strap Heel TRF ♥

You know there are just some trends that you just love and continue to love even when they become over done? For me I have this with the galaxy/space print trend, and now the holographic trend. I'm a massive magpie so clearly anything shiny does it for me. I also love this current trend in strappy open toe early 2000's throw back heels, they look so elegant! So when I found these in Zara I had to get them, even though a) they hurt my feet and b) I can't think of an occasion to wear them to as they'd be ruined a mancunion club. They look pretty though so whatevs.

 photo 015-4_zps4f0d3951.png

 photo 030-4_zpsb1c756c8.png

Let us just take a moment to admire their shinyness.

 photo 027-5_zpsb3fdff5d.png

 photo 029-2_zpsefe66d0b.png

 photo 014-6_zpsb4fd4caf.png

I think they would look perfect with a midi black bodycon dress or failing that a midi holographic bodycon dress. Hopefully they start doing those soon. Do you guys like the holographic trend or not so much? xx


Wednesday 19 June 2013

Accessorize 4D Nails in Idol | Review

I received this 4D Accessorize nails set for my birthday and tried it for the first time last week. Considering the original 'caviar nails' sets from Ciate were going for around £20, the Accessorize ones are only £5 which is brilliant value. I really like the consistency of Accessorize polishes too, not too thick and they dry quickly.

 photo 016-5_zpsf8e9d529.png

I didn't bring the little plastic tray to dip your nail in to uni so had to resort to sprinkling the micro beads on, hence the not great coverage, but they did stay on for a surprisingly long time (when I wasn't trying to pick them off from revision stress).

 photo 018-5_zps8a94416f.png

The only thing I would warn with the 4D nails in to not use a topcoat with them, as it turns the beads a sort of rust-red colour as you can see in the photo above - so strange! Pretty sure it said on the instructions not to use it though so my bad rather than the product's.

I did a tutorial around this time last year on how to achieve caviar nails without buying the sets at all - just purchasing the microbeads for cheap from a craft shop or eBay, to see it click HERE

P.S The Accessorize blog is HERE

Monday 17 June 2013

Jeffrey Campbell shoes #2 ★ Padua Peacock

These are my second pair of Jeffreys which I received for Christmas but never blogged about. I also received the Madames in black but had to return them as they were too big, and they didn't have the smaller size in stock - boo :( I believe my parents got these for around the £40 mark, if you shop around you can find JCs for a lot cheaper that their original selling price.

 photo 011-14_zps9237f98b.png

They came in a different box to the normal close up of a girl wearing a cat sweatshirt, fancy.

 photo 012-9_zpsd9b3775e.png

 photo 031-6_zps093c6ff4.png

 photo 032-4_zpsc4337edf.png

I didn't realise the Padua style has cut outs in the sides til I got them but I quite like it now, means you can invest in some cute socks for a peep through effect. I think these are the only pair of JCs I've worn to uni because they aren't too overstated (or high). Saying that I find these difficult to style because of the bold peacock print, no patterns worn with these unless I'm feeling brave! xx

Thursday 6 June 2013

Sleek Ultra Mattes Brights Palette | Swatches + review

 photo 004-12_zpsebf1798a.png

 photo 006-13_zps6b62a4b7.png

I bought this the other day as part of Superdrug's 3 for 2 on all beauty along with Collection's lasting perfect concealer (amaze) and a MUA lip tint. This is my first Sleek product and I'm fairly impressed. I of course picked up the ultra matte brights palettes as the colours are just so gorgeous, and I'm a magpie with anything colourful or shiny.

 photo 007-15_zps6be7f7ec.png

 photo 009-12_zps1d3d352c.png

The brighter shadows in the palette seem to do okay without primer but to get the best colour output I'd definitely use the palette with a primer. I use Urban Decay's primer potion.

 photo 010-13_zps2a99b42f.png

As you can see, even with primer I found it really difficult to get much pigmentation out of floss or crete, however with pow! (the white shade) if you really whack on the primer you can get quite an opaque white shade.

Do you own any Sleek palettes? What do you think of them? xx
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