Monday 17 June 2013

Jeffrey Campbell shoes #2 ★ Padua Peacock

These are my second pair of Jeffreys which I received for Christmas but never blogged about. I also received the Madames in black but had to return them as they were too big, and they didn't have the smaller size in stock - boo :( I believe my parents got these for around the £40 mark, if you shop around you can find JCs for a lot cheaper that their original selling price.

 photo 011-14_zps9237f98b.png

They came in a different box to the normal close up of a girl wearing a cat sweatshirt, fancy.

 photo 012-9_zpsd9b3775e.png

 photo 031-6_zps093c6ff4.png

 photo 032-4_zpsc4337edf.png

I didn't realise the Padua style has cut outs in the sides til I got them but I quite like it now, means you can invest in some cute socks for a peep through effect. I think these are the only pair of JCs I've worn to uni because they aren't too overstated (or high). Saying that I find these difficult to style because of the bold peacock print, no patterns worn with these unless I'm feeling brave! xx


Sadie said...

Love the peacock print on these... like you say though, they are for the brave but I think you could create some awesome print clashing combos with these :) xx

Kassidy said...

Soooo cute! Your legs look really good with high-tops, btw. Like, so nice hahaha :D I can't wait to see you combine prints with those~ It'll look so cool.

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