Sunday 30 June 2013

Recent hauls + update ✰

 photo n02_zpsfb978ddf.gif Primark  photo n06_zpsa9ee6dc6.gif

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Still not sure how to style the shirt on the left but the gradient is gorgeous!
 photo jhkh_zps1881b6ae.png
Jumper on the left is a dupe for the ones Topshop do but for a 1/3 of the price- score.

 photo 012_zps7cddb9f1.jpg

 photo n02_zpsfb978ddf.gif Missguided  photo n06_zpsa9ee6dc6.gif

 photo 062_zpsf4941231.png
 photo 059_zps61f02518.png
 photo 063_zps220c6b2d.png
Missguided have some really gorgey swimming costumes atm and they have padding as well to avoid any sudden nip nip emergence if it gets cold.
 photo 061_zpsc3cfb873.png

 photo tumblr_lmrx6uUvu41qcfn0j_zps95bbe387.gifHey guys! It's been an age since I've done a sort of catch uppy post, just to warn you I feel a bit of a ramble coming on.

☆ I finished my first year of University! Well, technically. I haven't actually received my results yet (and I'm crapping myself about my Japanese language exam result), but ya know I survived a year at uni after being so scared at the beginning; and I managed to make friends and even met quite a nice boy back in March. It's been an amazing year. Got some posts drafted on pre-university tips (i.e stuff to bring etc) too which I will post closer to the time when people get their A Level results and start doing the big IKEA shop etc.

Sequins and Beads is 4 years old in July!! Dat shit cray. I went to my first blog related event a month ago which was nerve wracking for me but I met some lovely bloggers and I'd definitely like to attend more! I want to work on improving the blog as well, mine hasn't progressed as quickly as others who have blogged for the same length of time but I definitely notice more people visiting etc when I blog harder so I'll be keeping that up ^^

☆ I'm going to Italy for the first time today! I work as a nanny/au pair type person and I'm going on holiday with a family to help them with the children. I'm uber excited, although I know zilch Italian apart from per favore/grazie/bonjourno. Hopefully I find someone who speaks English/French/Japanese if I get lost or I am literally buggered. Posts are scheduled from this point on as I'm not sure whether there will be wifi in the hotel  photo i01_zps4521e27c.gif

Speak soon beeches xx

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