Tuesday 29 March 2011

I'm earthbound falling down

Listening to...Destroying Angel - IAMX

My friend kindly took these for me when I spent the day at hers last Saturday, and she has a much snazzier camera and photoshop so the photos look better than normal I think!

Top - New Look - Cardigan - New Look - Shorts - Topshop - Boots - Ebay - Necklace - Gift - Bow - Lou's

 And this is what my friend Lou wore, she got the dandelion blouse in a mahoosive Topshop sale order and I felt like Daisy in the Great Gatbsy crying over the pretty shirts when she was opening everything!! TT
 Also Spring has officially sprung, the cherry blossoms were all out!

I'm so busy at the moment, I have my A2 English coursework due for this Friday, then Sat morning I have a driving lesson (always stressful, I hate driving), need to pack for France, have a family lunch and then stay with my aunt and uncle before I fly on Sun morn for a week of trying to not let my little cousin fall off snowy cliffs and desperately try and remember some of my AS French to get around - arghh!!


Sunday 27 March 2011

Inspiration: Rainbow Hair ☆

From my 'hair inspiration' folder on my computer, pictures are sourced from tumblr/google.


Friday 25 March 2011

Finally Friday #12

This is quite a random finally friday as I have a few random photos to share!
One of my besties got her first tattoo during lunch break at school today, an Egyptian eye of Horus on the back of her neck, love this so much! I can't believe how brave she was as well considering its fairly big and also on her neck so near a ton of nerves but apparently it just felt a bit scratchy when it went over bone?! *shudders*
(that isn't blood btw its ink around the dressing)
1) I turn 18 in just under two weeks! I can't wait, it'll be so nice to be able to properly go out and not have to worry about ID and be able to buy alcohol, and to legally be an adult! Howevs not looking foward to not being able to rely on adults as much, make scary life decisions etc. Although I will still claim to be 15 and buy child tickets on the bus tehe!
2) I'll be in France on my birthday in a skiing village as I am helping look after my little cousins while they are on holiday with my aunt and uncle, so I'll be picking them up from ski school and things. I hope the internet connection will be good there and I will try and blog from the chalet, I'm hoping I don't get homesick/lonely being away from my immediate family and friends on my birthday.
3) I've decided to stop blogging from may 15th till my exams end in late June as I've just signed up for 2 psychology module retakes and I'm doing my English AS exam for the THIRD time because the last time I retook I was 1 mark off A...FML!! And then my Ancient History teacher decides to surprise my whole class with signing us all up to retake Greek History AS because he wants to bump up our marks a little...then after my retakes I have my A2 exams which I need to do well in to get into university etc and seeing as my epic lack of work let me down at GCSE and AS I actually need to knuckle down this time! Of course I will keep reading everyone's blogs though, I think my main weakness in blogging is I read other peoples blogs a lot but don't update mine enough!


Saturday 19 March 2011

Recent decoden

As you may know I enjoy practising the noble art of decoden (which is an abbreviation of 'decorate' and 'phone' in Japanese but people deco more than just phones, I've seen BIKE deco!), here are some of my recent deco projects...

I deco'd this earring stand as a present for my friend (the same friend made the little hamburgers/hot dogs/doughnuts):
And old compact mirror:
A make up brush:
I guess this isn't really deco but kawaii'd up a free case that came with an Ebay false eyelash order:
And finally a clear case for my Ipod touch!

Someone emailed me the other day about deco supplies from Strapya World, if you have any questions about decoden I'm fairly novice but I'm happy to answer them or any other q's if you want to email me at Queengeorgie2006@hotmail.com or use my formspring in the sidebar <<< ^ ^
 If you'd like to see more of the things I've decorated, scroll down to my tags on the left and click 'decoden'.


Sunday 13 March 2011

Trend Crush ♥ Pleats

Sources: 1,2,3,4,5

Topshop seem to be really pushing this trend, I love the cute playsuits with the pleats in the shorts, especially in the wine red colour above!

Do you guys like all the pleat obssession at the moment in fashion or is it too schoolgirl-y for you?

Friday 11 March 2011

✰ Cosmic Girl ✰

Greetings! So a while back I posted about my love for the whole galaxy/cosmic print trend, and I bought the dress I showed in the collage I made. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing it to my schools leaver's ball in July but before that my friend took some photos of me in it for her A level art work as she is doing an art nouveau theme so she'll paint/draw from these pics. We had a ton of lols taking these photos, and I got a few strange looks walking through my schools art department wearing this with my big black coat over the top to cover my modesty hehe

A close up of the print, its so pretty!

I hope you enjoyed my first modelling attempt, frankly I'm thinking I shall be in demand for all the S/S runways after these XD


P.S I set up a lookbook account here if you use LB please add me as a friend/fan?? I'm not quite sure how it works yet!

Tuesday 8 March 2011

British museum trip

Last year I posted about my school trip with my Ancient History class to the British museum and we went again last Wednesday, here are some of the pics I took.

These sculptures are taken from the Parthenon which was a giant temple in Athens for Athena, these reclining women were probably goddesses.
Drawing the statue of the women above, my friends and I were sitting against some pillars in the museum so we could draw them; and my friend pointed out some guy who was a Zachary Quinto lookalike but unfortunately a tourist thought we were checking him out and gave us a very wide creepy smile haha!

We found a massive empty area next to some conference/lecture rooms downstairs in the museum and so ate our packed lunches there and I got my bestie to take outfit pics for me.
Haha excuse my mental plaits and wonky scarf I blame several hours on a coach to Londres XD
I wore basically the same outfit in a recent post but with a dress instead of a bandage skirt but I love this combo!  And nails:
Barry M strawberry milkshake with their shatter effect polish on top

I'm experiencing a nail art block at the moment, I now feel naked if my nails don't have anything on them! I'm thinking I might jazz them up for Red Nose Day, anyone have any ideas?


P.S If you could follow me on Google Friend connect (see sidebar) that would be wunderbar, quite happy to follow you back!

Sunday 6 March 2011

Finally Friday #11

Listening to... Fighting trousers by Professor Elemental (chap hop ftw!)
Watching... Skins

So it isn't Friday (fail) but I've been so busy I had no chance to post properly! Sozzles the pics are a bit cam-whorey, I was messing around with pink lippy and decided to take some Cindy Sherman style pictures on the webcam so I could draw from them. I went on two school trips this week one after the other, the British museum for Ancient History on Wednesday and then on Thursday to one of the UCL lecture halls to have 4 HOURS of lectures on the Great Gatsby. It was weird to have an insight into what uni might be like!

I forgot that the lovely Imogen tagged me on her blog, and I haven't done of these in ages so here goes:

Why did you create this blog?
Through a random Google search I came across Hannah's blog and I began to read other blogs she featured, eventually I thought I could blog too so I started up Sequins&Beads to share my ramblings with the blogosphere. My blog will be 2 years old in June and it hasn't come as far as many other bloggers who started their blogs after me but blogging is addictive so I will continue for now :)

What types of blogs do you follow?
All fashion/beauty/lifestyle based but a really wide spectrum, I read a lot of Gyaru, Lolita and Japanese street style blogs as I am sehr interested in Japan!

What is your favourite make up brand?
Don't really have but No7 has been coming up trumps for me recently.

What is your favourite clothing brand?
High Street would be New Look/Topshop/Zara, my favourite designers are Manish Arora, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh.

What makeup items can you not live without?
Concealer, mascara, face powder and lipbalm, I don't want people running screaming in the other direction when they see me without make up!!

What is your favourite colour?
At the moment its teal.

What is your favourite perfume?
I don't really wear perfume but I have Nina by Nina Ricci (the apple shaped bottle) which smells lovely and one of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls perfumes.

What is your favourite movie?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, seen it over 5 times!

Which countries would you like to travel to?
Japan, America, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand

The blog tag says you should tag people in return so I tag anyone who wants to do this as its always interesting to see what spurred people to start blogging!

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