Tuesday 8 March 2011

British museum trip

Last year I posted about my school trip with my Ancient History class to the British museum and we went again last Wednesday, here are some of the pics I took.

These sculptures are taken from the Parthenon which was a giant temple in Athens for Athena, these reclining women were probably goddesses.
Drawing the statue of the women above, my friends and I were sitting against some pillars in the museum so we could draw them; and my friend pointed out some guy who was a Zachary Quinto lookalike but unfortunately a tourist thought we were checking him out and gave us a very wide creepy smile haha!

We found a massive empty area next to some conference/lecture rooms downstairs in the museum and so ate our packed lunches there and I got my bestie to take outfit pics for me.
Haha excuse my mental plaits and wonky scarf I blame several hours on a coach to Londres XD
I wore basically the same outfit in a recent post but with a dress instead of a bandage skirt but I love this combo!  And nails:
Barry M strawberry milkshake with their shatter effect polish on top

I'm experiencing a nail art block at the moment, I now feel naked if my nails don't have anything on them! I'm thinking I might jazz them up for Red Nose Day, anyone have any ideas?


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