Monday 30 June 2014

90s child in a denim dress | Outfit


Earrings & Choker - eBay


T-shirt - Topshop
Dress - Vintage
Socks - Topshop
Jelly Shoes - Primark

This outfit is fairly casual, but according to my bestie I basically look like a child that's been time warped out of the 90s, hence the post title! To be honest I was only 7 when the 90s ended so I didn't get super into the fashion or even the Spice Girls, I was much more an early 2000s child and a huge S Club 7, and then S Club 8 fan, who remembers those god awful combat trousers with the strips hanging off them, paired with mesh vests? That was my dream outfit! Anyhoo, this dress I picked up at a vintage kilo sale a while ago, and I got round to taking the hem up recently (I am very proud of this considering I have the sewing skills of a blind badger) and it's super easy to throw on with a t-shirt. I also indulged in the cute socks and sandals trend, especially considering I can't wear these jelly shoes without socks or they give me horrific blisters (the first time I wore them my feet were scarred for about two weeks after), so annoying! If anyone has any tips on stretching jelly shoes please let me know as Primark don't do a size bigger in these (#giantfeet). 

Picked up a Lush scrub and some new toner so I'm off to do a face mask and lie in the bath, hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! xx

Sunday 29 June 2014

eBay VS Depop - which is better?

First of all I'm an experienced eBay seller, I've used it since 2009 and been selling/buying on it frequently since then. Asides from one minor hiccup (lost £140 as I didn't post as signed for, and buyer claimed they never received the item...), I'm quite adept at selling my shiz.


My housemate had been getting really into depop so I decided to see what the fuss is about.



Depop - selling fee 10 % commission on a successfully sold item + PayPal fees

eBay - listing fee on some items, cost to use buy in now instead of auction format, 10% commission on a successfully sold item + PayPal fees

Essentially it works out the Depop is cheaper on some items as they have no insertion fees, and no limit on the amount you can put up for sale before you get charged for insertion fees. However they both charge the same commission and as they both use PayPal, you get charged their fees.

Putting up a listing


Depop - quick and easy, essentially just like Instagram.

eBay - if you use their app, very quick and easy, however it pays to be more thorough and do it through their website

I found Depop very quick and easy to use, I didn't have to take pictures on my camera then put them on my computer, I literally just snapped a pic, chose a filter and wrote a quick description with some hashtags, chose a price and then I was done!

As I said if you use the eBay app making a listing is pretty quick too, but I prefer to go through the website and take your time putting up clear photos and writing a more detailed description.

Making a sale


Depop - technically easy, but no eBay resolution centre if something goes wrong, and if the item isn't branded (MAC, Topshop) I found it very hard to sell things unless you had all the right hashtags (and many of them)

eBay - almost always guaranteed a sale, easy to do if you do it properly (respond to emails, post items above certain value with the right postage and proof that you've sent them), back up of eBay resolution centre and PayPal

I liked that post-sale on Depop their fees were taken automatically and I wasn't surprised with a nasty fee invoice at the end of the month. However I ended up having to help someone who bought an item off someone I sold a foundation to, as my buyer turned out to be scamming people she was selling things to by not posting anything she sold. eBay has a lot of buyer protection in place, their resolution centre along with PayPal, and a help centre with people you can call etc if things like this go wrong, with Depop everything has to be sorted through PayPal only.

I also found I received a lot more mail on Depop (communication is a lot quicker on there than eBay), although this meant a lot of inane questions which I'd already answered in my item's description; whereas on eBay unless something goes wrong you often don't hear from the buyer at all.


Overall:  In two weeks out of 3 items of listed on eBay, and 3 items I listed on Depop, I've sold all the items on eBay and posted them with no problems. I only sold a MAC foundation on Depop, and the other items I listed (Topshop skirt, a brand new heavily sequinned New Look dress) went completely unnoticed apart from maybe one like. I think because eBay has wider usage you're more likely to sell things, however I think for ease of use and the likelihood of making more money Depop has the advantage.


- Use Depop if you are new to selling things online, and don't mind if your stuff doesn't sell fast or at all.

- Use eBay if you are bit more experienced at selling your stuff online, your stuff will almost always sell but you may not make much money.

Personally I'll be sticking to eBay, old habits die hard! Have you tried both eBay and Depop? Which is your favourite? xx

Friday 27 June 2014

FOTD #29 | Subtle bronze eye, Revlon matte balm and a tea dress








Put together this really subtle look for a dinner party for my Mum's birthday the other night. I use this Revlon matte balm in 'Elusive' a hell of a lot, it's such a wearable colour! Everything else is my usual make up, I went lighter on the brows and just used a few strokes of this cheapie brow pencil I picked up, and also lighter on concealer and foundation too as I'm trying to give my skin a break. Especially as it's getting hotter in England I try to go days with no foundation and concealer at all as oily skin + foundation + hot sun makes you want to take your make up off asap! Also check out the cake I made for my Mum above - I think baking is definitely going to be my hobby for the summer xx

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Zipper June 2014 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Issue | Japanese fashion magazine












I bought this issue of Zipper recently for Japanese reading practise, and thought I'd share a few snaps of what the magazine is like with you guys. Personally I can't wait to be able to get my hands on Japanese fashion magazines when I do my year abroad, the content just seems far more interesting than the ones we get in England! Company magazine is my favourite but I find the fashion, in depth beauty tutorials and layouts of Japanese fashion magazines far more appealing than anything available in the UK. Zipper especially has a real 'blog' feel to it, with the tutorials, how to wear an item in different ways and focus on many different personal styles rather than focusing on atypical trends.

I totally recommend buying some Japanese fashion magazines if you are into Japanese street fashion, even if you can't read Japanese you still get a ton of style and beauty inspiration! I think I'm going to translate Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's interview for practise for sure, genuinely want to know what they spoke to her about! Next I want to get my hands on an issue of Popteen magazine. If anyone is curious as to where to buy Japanese fashion magazines I bought this issue off YesAsia, but you can also buy them from the Japan Centre website too. What's your favourite magazine to buy? Have any recommendations for me? xx

Sunday 22 June 2014

Hair dyeing history...from brown, dip dye, blue and purple hair!

Thought I'd put together a post documenting my hair dye history over the years. I've dug into the archives to when I was around 16 and first starting dyeing my hair for this, so prepare from some cringey pictures! Quite a few of these may be already on my blog as I've been blogging since 2009!


2009 - My natural hair colour, and then I dyed it a purple cherry colour.


(L to R): 2010 - after my first adventures in hair dye I got the bug and dyed it an even darker brown, which was super patchy at the back. Then in 2011 when ombre started circulating on the blogosphere I bleached my ends, they look super ginger here with the camera flash but in reality it was hardly noticeable and not graduated at all! Still I thought I was really cool (17 year old Georgie, totes ahead of the hair trends). It was then pretty damaged from the bleaching so I had it all cut off (also check out my experimental lipliner).


4 months later I decided to bleach the ends again to a nice ginger colour apparently, then put lilac over the top which of course didn't take well, as you can see on the right.

This then faded and it looks like I managed to sort out the brasiness somehow.

I then started experimenting with colour - yay! 2012 I slapped pink on the ends and experimented with putting streaks of blue in there too.

2012 (2)
After it faded to blonde again I decided to put a full streak in my hair, and dye it and my ends apple green into pink.

2012 -The green and pink faded and I redyed it for a while as a started uni, then dyed my ends atlantic blue.

I went home for Christmas and had practically all of the dip dye chopped off! I felt really strange with basically no colour whatsoever, so when I got back to uni I enlisted my friends help to bleach my entire head... (not a good look)

Then I dyed it a sort of pastel blue, then mixed turquoise and coral blue for ages to get this turquoise colour which I kept for 9 months.


Then September 2013 I bleached my head again and dyed my hair purple into blue at the ends. I never put the blue back in after it faded and I've kept it a mid purple/bright lilac colour ever since. I think this is my favourite colour on me. Looking back I think the turquoise washed me out quite a bit and made me look even paler. I think the only two colours I won't go are blonde and pink all over, as I'm pale but with pink/red undertones to my skin and a ruddy complexion, so I think it would make me look a bit odd. 

I'm thinking of keeping the purple for the time being but I have been tempted recently to go back to brown for the sake of no root management or redyeing. Anyone else been pretty experimental with their hair colour over the years? xx

Friday 20 June 2014

Lush products for perfect lips - Bubblegum lip scrub and Honey Trap lip balm

Bubblegum lip scrub - £5.50 / Honey Trap lip balm £5.75

Thought I'd do a quick post on two of my favourite items for lip care. Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub (also known as 'my boy lollipop') and their lip balm in Honey Trap. I love these two.


Firstly the lip scrub is literally a mix of caster sugar, jojoba oil, flavouring and colouring so it smells and tastes SO GOOD. I had to actually take this off my bf as he was trying to eat it out the pot. Because of the sugar granules it works really well to remove dead/flaky skin and leave your lips smooth, and licking away the excess is delicious. Can't ask for more really!


This pot is the second pot of Honey Trap lip balm I've bought, it's one of those lip balms which you know moisturise your lips, and isn't one of those ones which you keep reapplying and aren't quite sure whether your lips are just hella dry or the lip balm is making them drier. It smells really good (mixture of honey and almonds) and has a plethora of amazing ingredients like oat milk, beeswax, almond oil, white chocolate,  orange oil, peppermint oil and shea butter. Do you have any favourites products from Lush for lips? xx

Thursday 19 June 2014

Wigsbuy wigs | Wishlist

Before I started dyeing my hair I used to always experiment with clip in coloured hair streaks or under layers of pink clip in hair extensions, and if you don't want to dye you hair wigs are a really fun way of being able to change your hair style instantly. I prime example of this would be Gaga who in reality has super short hair, but her hairstyle is always changing due to having an amazing wigmaker!




I had a look around the site Wigsbuy and chose some of my favourites to share with you guys. They have wigs in unnatural colours as well as natural, cosplay wigs and also a whole section for ladies with afro hair. Plus a lot of the wigs they offer are either heat resistant or made from human hair, so they'll be suitable for heat styling. Personally I'm pretty tempted to get a natural coloured wig to see what it'd be like to have normal coloured hair again! These would also be a pretty good option for the more colourful-haired amongst us who can't have unnatural coloured hair at work but don't want to re-dye their hair. xx

* This post is sponsored *

Tuesday 17 June 2014

What I've been up to | Instagram #4

Bought Zipper magazine for Japanese practise / End of exams fun / New (prescription) glasses selfie / moar selfies / Primark goodies / decorated some candles
Mani and phone case from Mr Nutcase / 21st bday presents from housemates / pancakes for breakfast / pop art flower mani / more nail art / Japanese takeaway
Reviewed Soap&Glory's supercat eyeliner / cute Primark hair ties / went to chester zoo and saw a red panda / instaselfie / bacon pancakes / my baby
outfit postin' / cute Primark undies / strawberry daquiri for lunch / Jamaican pulled pork burger / manicure / nail art times
surprise, more nail art / snuggling up with ASOS magazine / fake and fabulous / selfay / good-ish hair day / my little pony tee
vines and flowers nails / face product favs / galaxy tee / peach schnapps cocktail / bacon and avocado salad / homemade burgers

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