Sunday 1 June 2014

5 Beauty Favourites | May 2014


La Riche Directions in Silver - This is the first time I've toned my hair after bleaching and I'm really impressed with the results! I read up a few reviews in all the different alt hair colour brands before deciding which silver toner to go for and suprisingly Manic Panic (the most expensive option) didn't have great reviews so I went for this. Did the job and works very fast, so unless you want lilac hair like I do be careful you don't leave it on for too long!

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Coloured Hair - I still can't figure out whether I like the smell of this or not but it definitely does a good job. One thing I've noticed is it really reduces the amount of frizz I have and you can use it a couple of ways too: before shampoo for colour protection, before styling, and post styling to smooth down flyaways.

Body Shop Sweet Lemon Lip Butter - I literally cannot live without lip balm, it drives me crazy if my lips are dry and this is the balm I've been reaching for most recently. The smell is gorgeous, the packaging is cute, it's moisturising and also sort of doubles as a gloss as the balm is so shiny.

Benefit the Porefessional - This is once of those mini Benefit freebies magazines give out, and since cutting out MAC matte from my everyday face (believe it's giving me spots), I've come to realise this product's potential as a primer as well as minimising any mahoosive pores (damn you skin).

Sleek pout paint in Rosetta (I think) - Another one I've been reaching for, for some reason this doesn't come out super pigmented anymore but looks like a really nice tinted gloss. Looks great as a glossy rosy tint and means make up does't look too heavy when worn alongside heavy eye make up.

Apologies for lack of posting, had my final exam on Thursday so I can continue blogging properly now! Off to reply to your comments etc xx


Unknown said...

I love POREfessional, a sample convinced me I needed the full size! <3

Tara x

Linda said...

I really want to try out the Body Shop lip butters. I've tried out their other lip product in a pot, but not the butter.

Noree said...

Thanks for the visit!

I should try La Riche Directions sometime too, I used Manic Panic when I made my hair pink and that was fine, but then I got a black and it turned my hair green instead :)) Wasn't too impressed!

Josie said...

I love The POREfessional! And I have that oil but the one for fine hair, it's totally transformed my hair! x

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