Thursday 19 June 2014

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Before I started dyeing my hair I used to always experiment with clip in coloured hair streaks or under layers of pink clip in hair extensions, and if you don't want to dye you hair wigs are a really fun way of being able to change your hair style instantly. I prime example of this would be Gaga who in reality has super short hair, but her hairstyle is always changing due to having an amazing wigmaker!




I had a look around the site Wigsbuy and chose some of my favourites to share with you guys. They have wigs in unnatural colours as well as natural, cosplay wigs and also a whole section for ladies with afro hair. Plus a lot of the wigs they offer are either heat resistant or made from human hair, so they'll be suitable for heat styling. Personally I'm pretty tempted to get a natural coloured wig to see what it'd be like to have normal coloured hair again! These would also be a pretty good option for the more colourful-haired amongst us who can't have unnatural coloured hair at work but don't want to re-dye their hair. xx

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Josie's Journal said...

I don't think I'd be brave enough but wigs are such a fun and quick way to experiment! x


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