Monday 9 June 2014

Current routine for oily, blemish prone skin | Skincare

Thought I'd do a quick post about some of the skincare products that are working for me at the moment. I have really irritating skin, oily and blemish prone and although not dry I often get flaky skin around my nostrils so I need a good exfoliator.
I've found one thing that has helped my skin recently was cutting out the primer I used (MAC's Matte), it's well worth stopping using certain products for a little bit to see if they may be what's causing your skin problems! 



I use these two in the shower, I use the Clean&Clear face scrub about every other day, then the Neutrogena face wash daily in the morning.

Moisturising and toning


Especially if I use the Neutrogena face wash I will moisturise straight afterwards with the Body Shop's Seaweed mattifying day cream, which is the only moisturiser I've found that is light enough on my oily skin that I don't break out after using it. Lush's Grease Lightning is actually a spot treatment but as it has tea tree oil I use it as a multi use product.

Make up removal


If I've been wearing make up during the day I will first remove it with the Johnson's Baby Wipes (I especially like the ones suitable for newborn babies as they're so gentle on the skin), then use Lancome's gentle softening cleansing fluid for face and eyes with some cotton wool, which gets rid of any make up the baby wipes miss.

Do you have any recommendations for oily skin products? Always looking out for good 'uns! xx


Magda Carvalho said...

Bons produtos :)

Josie said...

I really want to try the seaweed day cream, I always read such good things about it! I love REN products most of all and using a facial oil changed my skin completely for the better! I thought it'd make my skin greasier but it actually did the opposite. The Body Shop's Vitamin E Serum in Oil is amazing x

Josie’s Journal

Unknown said...

I have an oily skin and sometimes it get annoying! I usually use tree tea oil line from the body shop but it turned out to be too drying on my face. It's just in time that I'm running out of my skin treatment products so I'll try these!thank you, such a helpful post xx

Intan Thalia
The Wishing Dust

Indy said...

I adore the smell of the grapefruit cleanser - I've tried it before!

Holly said...

oooh, great post! i'll have to look up that moisturiser

from helen at

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Imogen said...

Very helpful. I like to see what other bloggers use.

The Style Rawr said...

I should probably start using toner again, I've had some issues with my skin recently. :(

Tara x

Winnie said...

I have the same problem with the dry skin around the nose lately - might be because I've been over exfoliating or something! I've been trying to keep it more moisturised and even applying some 8 hr cream to keep it hydrated!

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