Friday, 26 August 2011

Tutorial: Gaga rhinestone beauty spot

So recently in the Judas video and just in her general wear (I may or may not religiously stalk, I highly recommend them to any Gaga fan), Gaga has been sporting a rhinestone beauty spot. And as I am just waiting for my Shepherd's Pie to finish cooking I thought I'd write up a quick fun tutorial on how to achieve this look without the aid of Val Garland or sexy Nicola Formichetti...

1) Apply a circle of liquid eyeliner slightly bigger than the rhinestone and let it dry.
2) Apply a dot of eyelash glue in the center of the eyeliner spot and allow to go tacky.
3) Stick the rhinestone down so there is a ring of black around it.
Et voila!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I'm actually off on a family holiday to France for the week on Saturday so may not be blogging, although I'm taking my laptop with me, I may not be able to get online as the internet nazis (my parents) will be in full force. In case you didn't know my internet hours are limited from 10am-11pm each day, which I'm sure is an infringement of my human rights...something to do with making sure I sleep and get work done. Anyway I'll stop rambling now. xx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hello Operator

I've wanted to do a White Stripes themed outfit for ages, I always used to think about what I would wear to a White Stripes gig and this is what I probably would've worn. They broke up earlier this year and when I found out I was like fhskjdfhs&^%"!!! I never got to see my favourite band live! I was first introduced to them when an old friend's family were playing their album Get Behind Me Satan in the car when I was about 14 and since then they have been my favourite band. 

Their clothing, album covers, music videos etc focused predominantly around the colour scheme of red, white and black; Jack White said those colours were: 'The most powerful color combination of all time, from a Coca-Cola can to a nazi banner'. So true! Neither colour drowns out the other, each is equally bold.
Top (turned inside out) - Topshop - Jeans - Handmedowns - Boots - New Look
My White Stripes shiz...

Now some pretty pictures:
It makes me sad that I'll never see them perform but I hope to see the Dead Weather or the Raconteurs one day...I do love me some Jack White.
Oh and P.S I hope everyone who got results the other day is happy! I applied for deferred entry (I know I'm mental, I'll be in debt forever blah blah blah) and got into my first choice to do Japanese Studies in 2012. Thank god results are over!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Flashing lights

Trophy jacket - Bintage - Tank - Topshop - Shoes - Ebay - Necklace - New Look

This look is the only time I think my blog's namesake has ever been in an outfit, my jacket is absolutely covered in sequins and beads! This is purely for blog purposes as I'm too scared to wear this jacket out, it was my Grandmother's and is so beautiful. Its very heavy to wear thanks to all the embellishments, and I'm terrified of loosening the stitching or anything so it stays in my wardrobe along with some other amazing vintage pieces I have of hers (such as this metallic pink/purple 80s ball dress I showed here). Is anyone else pissing themselves about A level results this thurs? I'm beginning to die a little inside at the thought of them!! xx 

P.S I have a lookbook here, still kind of figuring out to use it, if you have it also let me know and I will fan/add you?!

Friday, 12 August 2011

I've been magnetic since I was a baby

Top - Asos - Jeggings - Topshop - Flats - Primarni - Necklace - Accesorize - Headscarf - New Look
(I apologise for the terrifying angle)
  Face: L'oreal Volume Million Lashes in extra black, Rimmel eyeliner in black magic, MAC Viva Glam Gaga 1 lipstick

Wore this out yesterday to drop my C.V into various places and beg people to hire me, and stock up on every type of cold medicine Boots has. Also picked up the latest issue of Cosmo because the free gift is false eyelashes!! I like Eyelure lashes, Kimberley's in the Girls Aloud range they have   are lovely, howevs Eyelure glue is beyond craptastic so I will try these out with my new supa dupa Duo glue when I go out 2mro, and review them then. Also seem to have gained some bloglovin' followers recently, so happy! xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

I'll put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right

I'm writing this from my death bed (not really, I'm just ill). I've been room bound for the past few days with a horrible cold which makes me feel like death warmed up. I googled the symptoms and it looks like Laryngitis with a horrible cold on the side, so its difficult to breathe out of my nose AND mouth. Fun times. Anyways I really should do an outfit post but I look so rough that anyone who reads would scream and press the little red 'x' in the corner sharpish so I though I'd do a 'look at my new shiz' type post.

 Wedges - Ebay - Tan wedges - New Look - Purple heels - Ebay

I wore the purple ones to my leaver's ball and damn they are high! They're 5 inches which is the highest pair I own and I consider that quite high, maybe I'm just a heel noob though?

These black wedges are gorgeous, I've never worn them out though! They're a lovely faux black suede and look great on but they are gravity defying, and the fact they have that really annoying raised tip on the front of the shoe that I keep finding on wedges means they're like having rocking chairs on your feet, so you're liable to lose your balance and be tipped fowards into a nice face plant by the damn things. I was walking up and down the landing trying to get used to them Gaga style by doing the 'walk walk fashion baby' part from Bad Romance (don't judge) and I actually fell sideways into the wall - thus I'm too scared to wear them in public, god knows what could happen after a couple of shots of tequila if I tried to throw some shapes on a dance floor while wearing them?!! So yes at this stage they stay in my wardrobe and occasionally I get them out, marvel at how pretty they are and then put them away again. xx

Friday, 5 August 2011



The girl above's job was to sit on a rock pretending to be a mermaid to welcome visitors as they came into the entrance to the marine zoo...this is like my frickin dream job, dressing up as a mermaid and getting paid for it!
Got back yesterday from my first holiday abroad sans famille, had so much fun! I wouldn't say it was very cultural (although I can now say thank you in Portuguese - obrigado), everyone spoke English, there were Irish pubs, I think have gained a stone from eating burgers and chips everyday and there was certainly nothing in the way of museums to visit. Things I have learnt is that we English stick out like a sore thumb, and apparently have a reputation for being easy as the Portuguese men (regardless of what we were wearing) wolf whistled, cat called, said hello to us wherever we went. We went clubbing while there and our dancing was pretty much scandalous compared to what the Portuguese girls were doinb, and our club wear (i.e bandage skirts and a tank top) induced one guy to pretend to have a heart attack at the sight of us which was quite amusing! It did get quite creepy on one of the nights we went out when some guys closed via a ring around us on the dance floor and one guy was so persistent that my friend dance with him (read: grind) that she had to shove him off her and it very nearly ended in fisticuffs. I suppose its the same in clubs in England but they weren't doing the same to the Portuguese girls so I'm guessing tourists have a reputation for being very err 'available'. Quite scary really! Typical English person style I got horribly burnt and now have some interesting patchy tan lines where I slapped my sun cream on, you could tell exactly who was from Portugal and who wasn't as the locals were all very tanned, had tattoos (I'm guessing cos you can show them off a lot on the beach) and the women all wear anklets. Yes I have bought some. We also went to a marine zoo and saw dolphin and sea lion shows which were amazing, I really want a sea lion now they're so sweet! Anyway enough rambling xx

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