Saturday 28 November 2009

I made Onigiri!

Today I made some Japanese Rice Balls – Onigiri, which are used as a main part of a Bento (lunch box) often in Japan.
I didn’t use Nori (seaweed) which you’re supposed to wrap around the rice balls so I just picked out ingredients from the fridge and the spice rack. I used: Soy sauce, Herbes de Provence, Mixed Spice, Chili Powder, Ginger pieces, Sage and Chorizo.

First of all heat up a tablespoon of oil in a pan and add 8oz (225g) of rice. Put the heat on medium and stir the rice until it turns clear. Make sure to stir constantly so the rice doesn’t burn.

Once the rice has turned a clearer colour, add a pinch of salt and a litre of boiling water (I boiled it in the kettle to save time).

Leave the rice to simmer with a lid on the pan for 15 minutes, by then the rice should have absorbed all the water.

Leave the rice to cool for a bit, and then spoon the rice onto a piece of cling film.
Sprinkle on your chosen herbs or toppings, if you’re using a filling like tuna then make a little dip in the middle of the rice mound, and place it in there.
Then wrap up the rice in the cling film and mould it into a ball shape, and put it in the fridge if the rice doesn’t stick very well immediately.


Wednesday 25 November 2009

Loving me is like chewing on pearls


Sorry I haven't posted for so long!! Outfit post coming up, which my friend Laura is going to take of me with her amazing camera; as opposed to me trying to figure out how to use the self timer on my crappy battery camera. My other excuse is that I have been busy avoiding getting swept away by torrential wind and rain..I'm seriously considering emigrating or living under a rock until late March-ish when it stops being cold and miserable. Anyhoo enough complaining this is what I wore today..


Floral top – Primark Jeans – New Look Ankle Boots – New Look Lacey blue cardi - ?? Engraved heart locket – Urban Outfitters

For some reason Wednesdays are probably my favourite day of the week as I have a ton of free periods, and today was even better because I finally managed to use liquid eyeliner (without stabbing myself in the eye with the brush and it turning my eyeball black which has happened several times):

(The crazy just-escaped-from-the asylum eyes weren’t intentional, the camera flash just startled me)


I also found a packet of cheapo nail transfers when tidying my room yesterday so I now have little orange shells on my nails.


Thought I’d show you guys this little anime girl I doodled, since I’ve given up doing Art my doodling has gone into overdrive!!


Post title is from 'I like it rough' by Lady GaGa



Tuesday 10 November 2009

You don't know the psuedonyms I assume

So here is my first 'proper' post - I hope you like it! These photos were meant to be far more impressive, I made my friend India style me and take the photos outside...however we did not prepare for it being about -10 degrees, howling wind and rain so we didn't stay long. Its so cold here at the moment, I'm beginning to think every English person should be issued with an umbrella for free as its practically essential for survival!!
Title of the post is from Franz Ferdinand – Bite Hard (oooh err)

Sequinned vest – Topshop Jeans – New Look Combat Boots – My younger brother..
Military Jacket – Woolworths! Birdcage necklace - Topshop
Thank you so much to Tia Cherie who gave me my first award! The recipient has to list 7 traits that you think describe your personality and pass it onto seven other bloggers who deserve recognition for their blogging personality. Okay, I am: Creative, Neurotic (India told me to put this, I disagree), lazy, spontaneous, cynical, polite...okay I sound like a mentalist!!
I pass this award on to:
I heart vintage x
Geisha Rock
Main Chic Avenue
The Pelican and Me

I hope to take lots more photos of my rural area to show you guys. Also, I have good news my dog is having puppies in 3-4 weeks time so expect really cute pictures!

Sunday 8 November 2009

Princess Mononoke

Hey! Thanks so much everyone who left comments on the last post, I've decided I'm going to do some proper outfit posts because life is too short not to?! Actually I just can't be bothered to spend my time cropping my face out of photos. I'll take photos as soon as my camera works again because I'm skint and I have no money for toothpaste, let alone batteries!
I watched Princess Mononoke from Studio Ghibli yesterday and its absolutely amazing, the animation is stunning! I've watched Spirited Away as well but Princess Mononoke is definately my favourite. I can't even imagine how long it must take to put that much amount of detail into an animated film!! I made an animation ages ago in err 'tribute' to the Killer Rabbit sketch in Monty Python and the Holy Grail...

This is my animation (sorry its kind of gruesome):

This took me two days to make with Paint and Windows Movie Maker..and then you see the incredible animation of Princess Mononoke (which is handrawn barring a 5 minute action sequence). Animators are geniuses!!


Wednesday 4 November 2009


So I'm blogging when I should be at school today, as I have two free periods I'm home early! Lovely for a change, usually I'm getting up while its dark and coming home in the dark which isn't exactly fun city. Feeling a bit uninspired blogwise at the moment, and I've been wondering about something, I'm gonna throw this out there, what do other bloggers think of showing their faces on the blosphere?
I've cropped out my face on this blog mainly because my parents would probably kill me if I showed it; for starters my mum is under the impression that just Facebook allows people to hunt you down, and doesn't know I blog.
If I did show my face I'd be worried about my parents finding out, and or people I knew taking the piss, or just general safety; however I doubt many paedophiles and stalkerish people spend their time reading fashion blogs..
On the other hand I want to take better outfit posts and make my blog better, which I could do if I did show my face. Okay I'm going to stop rambling here, basically if you read this and have a blog, what do you feel about 'showing yourself' on your blog, if you do or don't? Also do your parents know you have a blog or not? Has showing your face affected you at all?
I'm interested to hear what peoples opinions are on this.
Well I'm off to watch gossip girl (and put off my Midsummer Night's Dream essay).
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